Greek referendum no vote signals huge challenge to eurozone leaders


1 thought on “Greek referendum no vote signals huge challenge to eurozone leaders”

  1. Germany, France, Italy and Spain are the four Euro nations underwriting 98% of Greek debt…..far more than they can afford. A few of these incompetent leaders of the IMF, Germany, France, ETC will need new jobs. Already, Merkel has called a meeting with the French president to discuss their dilemma.

    We were overdue for this to happen, but what Greece set off by voting No is going to reverberate all over the world economy and shine a bright light on all their cheap financial tricks. Greedy guts are going to have to step back. Much of the debt has been structured to sit on the backs of taxpayers, and now a light will shine very brightly on all of it. A lot of changes are in our future.

    Check out this article…..and the tweets & photos with it.–eu-euro-bailout-live#block-559994eae4b00bdd27707e06


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