Keiser Report: Greece Pivoting From Debt Slavery (Video)

Jul 4, 2015


In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Greek referendum, the 50 ways to not pay their creditors and the future for the “demerging” economy in which debts are repaid “parametrically.” In the second half, Max interviews Simon Dixon about what Bitcoin could do for Greece and whether or not, as Citi’s global chief economist says, it is the stupidest idea since Caligula made his horse a consul.

2 thoughts on “Keiser Report: Greece Pivoting From Debt Slavery (Video)”

  1. A historian friend of mine and I were talking about Greece earlier today, and he said many of the exact same things Keiser was discussing. Consult with Iceland, follow their example….that is precisely what my friend said…..

    I sure hope they get the no vote, and follow Iceland’s excellent example.

    Thanks for posting this episode. I listen to him when I remember to do so.


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