Greek solidarity protests across Europe ahead of referendum LIVE UPDATES

Greek solidarity protests across Europe ahead of referendum LIVE UPDATES (RT, July 3, 2015):

Thousands of protesters in European cities are rallying in solidarity with Greece ahead of the weekend referendum on a cash-for-reform deal with creditors.

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  1. Greece’s defaulting on the ECB is far more popular than the greedy guts want the world to know. Far more people realize this single currency for all these separate nations is really bad news for the countries, especially the small ones. Bigger ones, like Germany, are using this single currency to unload their debts onto the smaller countries, like Greece. It is criminal, and Greece has no way to fight back if it stays as it has been. They cannot devalue their currency, they have no central bank to prevent disasters for the pensioners as the greedy guts are causing….For purely political reasons. Germany, and other big money interests, want to keep these small countries under their financial control to shift costs onto them.

    It is economic warfare, one good author who wrote the article “the Euro is finished” calls them economic leeches, and I have never heard a better term for them.

    I hope the Greeks are smart enough to vote no. Even more, I hope other nations in the Euro follow suit. It is time to break the strangle hold the greedy guts have on the entire world economy.

    As it stands, the excessive losses generated by the Greek default have been exposed; all that money is gone. Those who invested, underwrote/guarantee have lost Billions. Their losses will cause and expose more debt/losses, the implosion commences.

    I hope they all stand behind Greece, it is their only hope.


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