EU Parliament President Tells Greece: Time For Another Puppet Government

EU Parliament President Tells Greece:Time For Another Puppet Government (ZeroHedge, July 2, 2015):

European Parliament president Martin Schulz said his faith in the Greek government had reached “rock bottom,” and, as AFP reports, that he hopes it resigns after Sunday’s referendum. Luckily, he has an idea for a solution… the time between the departure of Tsipras’ hard-left Syriza party and new elections would have to “be bridged with a technocratic government, so that we can continue to negotiate.”

As AFP reports,

Schulz on Thursday told German Handelsblatt business daily that “new elections would be necessary if the Greek people vote for the reform programme and thus for remaining in the eurozone and Tsipras, as a logical consequence, resigns.”

The time between the departure of Tsipras’ hard-left Syriza party and new elections would have to “be bridged with a technocratic government, so that we can continue to negotiate,” Schulz was quoted as saying.

“If this transitional government reaches a reasonable agreement with the creditors, then Syriza’s time would be over,” he said. “Then Greece has another chance.”

Schulz charged that Tsipras was “unpredictable and manipulates the people of Greece, in a way which has almost demagogical traits.”

“My faith in the willingness of the Greek government to negotiate has now reached rock bottom,” he said

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Just what The Greeks need – another “Yes man” puppet government to implement whatever Europe’s bankers demand.



7 thoughts on “EU Parliament President Tells Greece: Time For Another Puppet Government”

  1. This is what happens when fools, owned by corporations, are put in charge.
    Anyone who listens to this idiot ought to have his head examined or is financially suicidal.
    How would this help anyone but the greedy gut lenders? And, the nations fool enough to underwrite 98% of Greece’s debt; Germany, France, Italy and Spain…….
    Italy and Spain nearly collapsed in the last 24 months.
    If these nations are the strongest in the Euro, it is on life support now.
    Perhaps they need the technocrat leaders??

  2. Now, this IS interesting. The IMF is now calling for debt relief for Greece, saying the debt level is unsustainable……Now that they are off the hook……Greek PM says they never made this observation during the long negotiations with the IMF before Greece defaulted.
    Ironic. The IMF is calling for a NO vote, to back the PM, not the greedy guts….
    Politics makes strange bedfellows indeed.
    This shows a huge split in the EU….

  3. OT
    Looks like US media, which insists that creature clinton is the “frontrunner” isn’t getting it right once again. The loser game of inevitable frontrunner that cost her the race last time, on top of her blatant corruption……..she is a loser, and if the democrats run her, they will lose.
    Millions have lost jobs, homes, retirements…………..Millions more are totally disgusted by that bastard in the white house. The trade deal was the final straw for millions more……Sanders spoke against it from day one, people finally heard him.
    Americans have lost their republic, and the leaders work against our best interests every day. People are finally noticing…..

  4. Looks like the court is being used as the first voice to set the referendum aside…..the results being too close to call. It is already late Friday afternoon in Greece as I write this…..and the PM cannot afford to lose.

    Since he holds all the cards as to whether the referendum is held or not……
    Check out this article…..The court is already claiming it might not be valid or legal……Possibly he is getting ready to delay or cancel it.


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