Alex Jones: Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating (Video)


I’ve told you many times before that the elite have planned WW3 for us.

Jun 20, 2015

Alex makes an urgent message concerning the severity of the current global climate. Insider information pointed directly towards global financial meltdown and global war.

1 thought on “Alex Jones: Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating (Video)”

  1. Definitely hotting up.

    Drought, Forced Migration, Unemployment, Military Exercise, Food Production Failures, Welfare Cutbacks, Earthquakes.

    The artificially created mess is falling right into the Globalists’ hands as a precursor for the introduction of Martial Law very, very soon.

    The drought will be the trigger, followed by the harvest failure and riots, opening the door for the military who are already waiting in the wings.


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