Hard Proof S.C. Church Deaths were Faked for Financial Gain

Hard Proof S.C. Church Deaths were Faked for Financial Gain (NODISINFO, June 21, 2015):

In what is a fraud of inconceivable proportions the city of Charleston, the Office of the Mayor, the arch-Zionist-controlled media, and the congregation of the Emanuel AME Church have conspired to commit a great crime upon humanity. This is to fake deaths of certain associated church individuals, including a number of pastors, and to use that fabrication as the basis for the solicitation of and collection of funds.

Here is a recent update to this post, as revealed by one of our posters:



So, in fact, the lust for money was the motivation for this hoax, or at least partially so. There are other factors such as the promotion of one world government through the false representation of white against black crime. It’s a reaction-solution hoax, where, now, all people are to join together in love, holding hands, praising God, while working as one to ‘get the guns off the streets.’

There are nine fake dead people in regard to the South Carolina church shooting hoax. The number selected, “nine,” itself is suspect. Regardless, it should not be difficult to analyze these fake dead and determine their status. Fake dead are a hallmark feature of arch-Zionist psyops hoaxes and were prominently featured in the 9-11 fraud, Sandy Hoax, and the Boston Marathon smoke bombing hoax. Without the fake dead and wounded there could be no psyops hoaxes.

Too, there must be fake relatives to support the phony dead, even though some of these fake relatives are real relatives. They are merely faking it on behalf of their fake dead relations.

Sometimes the ‘dead’ really are deceased. It’s just that they didn’t die as advertised, that is at the hoax event.

There is plausible cause for the participation of actual living people in this death hoax. There was no actual future for a number of them, particularly the church workers/employees. It may be noted that most of the fake dead were actual physical employees and/or agents of the church.

What is wrong with that house of worship? It seems to be a fine place. It is not. It is virtually condemned and this is of as little as a year ago:



There is yet another issue. The church is virtually bankrupt. It has attempted to jump-start a variety of efforts to bring in funds, including a documentary. The effort failed miserably:

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