Scotland – June on track to be coldest in 43 years


Scotland – June on track to be coldest in 43 years (Ice Age Now, June 20, 2015):

Scotland’s average temperature up until June 15 was 9.3C, two degrees below normal and the coldest June, July or August since June 1972, Met Office records show.

Forecasters are predicting another 10 days of downpours from next week. But first, another cold front will bring cloud and scattered heavy showers tomorrow, followed by a wet Sunday with hail. Highs of 18C tomorrow will drop to 15C on Sunday.



SC20 – 1972 took place during another shallow AMP B type event, a single cycle cool sun event. The Summer for that year was on the declining edge of the cycle, posibly leading to an AMO type European winters, and AMO type summers can lead to the Summer of 1976, that started with Snow in the Midland in May and for three months one of the warmest in England during the Solar Warm Period which finished in 2008.
200 Year Solar Cycle Prediction

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Last night I talked to my father in Vermont. The weather so far this year:

1. Frosts pasts Memorial Day
2. Temperatures in the mid to lower 40s in June.
3. Seemingly non-stop rain.

My Dad’s cucumbers and tomatoes are rotting away from the wet and cold. The water table is so high that the septic system cannot drain properly.

My family has been in Vermont since 1983 for the summers. I remember in the mid to late 1980s the summers got so warm the lake reached bathtub like warmth. The warmth also kept killing my bait fish (warm water = low oxygen). The summers tended to run dry also. In 1988 I remember we were getting forest fires, which is REALLY unusual in the Northeast. The wet hardwood forests are know as the ‘asbestos forest’ due to their resistance to burning (compared to the forests out West).

Starting in the late 1990s, the summers have been cooling off. The past ten years it has been often too cold to swim, even in July. The past couple of years the cold and wet has become more pronounced. Not every year is cold.. but the pattern has definitely been on a downward slope temperature wise.

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Jeremy in Scotland

There is still snow over the Angus Glens, and large amounts over Loch Tay (I’ve been there today). The longest day of the year is on Monday …

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