Hemp Oil And Lyme Disease (Video)


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2 thoughts on “Hemp Oil And Lyme Disease (Video)”

    • To S,

      Your most welcome!

      I want to add this comment for my readers:

      Plants/herbs have a lot of defense mechanisms against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

      They contain endoperoxides for example. The ozonides in Dr. Steidl’s oils (used to combat cancer, lyme and other diseases) can be seen as imitating those natural endoperoxides.

      (You can buy them at Dr. Klinghards website.)

      If we eat herbs raw, or more easy juice them (though not to much!), we get the full benefit and all these natural substances that they contain protect our body from parasites, strengthen our vital organs and help to repair and detoxify the body and keep it in a good condition.

      If we cook them however, then most of the benefits are lost.

      Herbs are often used to strengthen the life force (Qi, Chi, Prana, Orgon).

      For those readers to whom this concept sounds to esoteric, just take a look at the mineral content of some of these herbs …

      Goatweed (Aegopodium podagraria) for example contains 13 times more minerals and trace elements than kale.

      Goatweed is also called wild spinach and it contains 17 mg iron per 100g, whereas spinach just contains from 2,6 to 4,1 mg per 100g.

      And it is no accident that the monks allowed it to grow in their herbal/vegetable garden, because it helped to alleviate their goat, caused by their unhealthy lifestyle.


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