The Greek debt: what creditors may stand to lose

H/t reader M.G.:

“Euro nation debt exposures to Greece……Cypress, Estonia, Iceland, Finland….even Ireland’s exposure looks pretty benign. Looking more closely at the list in this article, the true danger begins to emerge……put out by another banking interest, we know it is to look as clean as possible. Four nations look to be in deep trouble.
Germany has bi-lateral debt exposure of 15.2% of Greece’s debt, EFSF exposure of 18.1%
France has bi-lateral exposure of 11.4%, with EFSF exposure of 30.9%
Italy has 10% bi-lateral exposure and 27.2% EFSF exposure.
Spain 6.7% bi-lateral exposure with 18.1 EFSF…..

Check out the article, pay close attention to the charts.
This is a volcano ready to blow its top.”

The Greek debt: what creditors may stand to lose (Guardian, June 19, 2015)

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  1. Thank you for covering these stories, they are huge, and as always these days, being ignored by western media because of the financial undercurrents. Instead, they will wait until they are told what to say………it appears to me the day of reckoning is upon us. QE isn’t a good long term plan…..and yet, that is what it has become. Publishing more money isn’t the answer, all it does is create debt that can never be repaid. At some point, even greedy guts will get skittish…….

    Looking at the financial exposure of the leading Euro nations, France and Germany is scary enough. But, with the financial history of Italy and Spain (both nations in deep financial trouble) their exposure is every bit as frightening.
    These four nations hold over 42% of all direct debt owed by Greece, and nearly all EFSF exposure…………Their leaders ought to be held up for trial……what an awful thing to do to these countries.

    I know doing the numbers can be annoying at times, but in this case, it is essential………There is no way we will escape the pain from this one.


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