Silent Vaccine Epidemic: Experts Explain Why Vaccines Are NOT Life Savers (Video)

Vaccines are one of the most important tools of TPTB to rob humans of their full potential.

The Silent Vaccine Epidemic: Experts explain why vaccines are not life savers (The Real Agenda News, June 16, 2015):

Aluminum, insect repellent, formaldehyde, mercury, fetal tissue, and in some cases attenuated or live viruses are some of the ingredients present in vaccines today, yet, we are told they are the reason why humanity’s overall health and well-being has improved dramatically.

Traditional medicine cooked up by pharmaceutical companies dictates that vaccines are life savers, but there is a growing movement in the medical field that includes doctors and nurses -supported by scientists and evidence- who not only warn about the potential risks on vaccines, but also about its lack of effectiveness..

The conclusion reached by this group of concerned professionals is simple: There isn’t strong evidence to support the claim that vaccines are capable of doing what the medical industry says they do. That is why governments at the local, regional and national levels, supported by alleged international health agencies are tightening the grip on vaccination policies, making vaccines mandatory, even though there is no law that mandates vaccinations.

Despite the heavy use of vaccines since a child is born, it is not difficult to learn about the efficacy of vaccines -or the lack of it- because doctors, nurses and parents have had a front row seat to witnessing the appearance of the unhealthiest population of children in the history of humanity.

Parallel to the appearance of diseases that were thought to be extinct such as asthma, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, chicken pox, eczema and many others, health issues that were supposedly treated and eradicated with vaccines are also reappearing despite so-called medical advances in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Vaccine pushers like to blame those who decide not to vaccinate themselves and their children as the culprits of the reappearance of disease, but in truth, that which is to blame is unscientific postulates, such as herd immunity, the bedrock over which mass vaccination has been supported on for ages.

While parents and doctors who ask questions about the effectiveness of vaccines are ostracized, label as heretics and often verbally and physically abused by the system, children continue to get sick after being injected cocktails of chemicals known as vaccines. Many of these children remain damaged for life, while others die as a result of side effects.

It is impossible not to be suspicious about vaccines and pharmaceutical companies regarding the safety and effectiveness of their products. One of the aspects that makes people question these products is the fact that vaccine makers legally exempted from lawsuits regarding potential damage that result from vaccines.

Another point that many people raise is the existence of a special vaccine court created by the medical industry and government agencies, where people damaged by vaccines take their cases, as supposed to a traditional court. Then, there is the fact that should a vaccine manufacturer be found liable for the negative medical consequences of their vaccines, it is the government, not the vaccine maker that compensates people for vaccine side effects.

Tens of millions of dollars have been granted to parentes and children whose lives were damaged by vaccines. Of course, this fact is kept as quiet as possible by the mainstream media, as they receive billions of dollars in advertising money from the pharmacetical industry every year.

These and other issues about vaccines are addressed in the documentary produced by Gary Null, titled “Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines“, in which medical experts, not journalists or ‘kooks’ explain why vaccines are one of the biggest hoaxes in history.

We encourage everyone to watch the documentary below and critically analyze the arguments posed by these experts before making a decision on whether it is necessary to vaccinate and if they can trust their health to vaccine makers.

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