Chinese Stocks Are Now Up Over 100% Year-To-Date

Chinese Stocks Are Now Up Over 100% Year-To-Date (ZeroHedge, May 25, 2015):

Another day, another dip to be bought aggressively in China. The only catalyst for moar – aside from “well it was up yesterday” – is the news that the Shanghai-HK Stock Exchange aggregate quota will be abolished, leaving room for more speculative excess to flood into 500%-gainers.  CSI-300 is now up almost 6% since Friday’s close and Shenzhen and CHINEXT are soaring back from underperformance yesterday. To round things out on a superlative note, the Shenzhen Composite – which contains all the ponzi-based self-collateralized idiot-makers, is now up over 100% year-to-date. Simply put, you can’t keep a bad market down…

1 thought on “Chinese Stocks Are Now Up Over 100% Year-To-Date”

  1. Yes, they are up 100%.
    Only one problem: The incredible increase in share buying has all been done on margin…..All on the cuff. All built on debt.
    Their markets are as crooked as ours……….


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