Breaking: The U.S. Capitol Was Just Evacuated, No Reasons Given


Breaking: The U.S. Capitol Was Just Evacuated, No Reasons Given (The Daily Sheeple, May 26, 2015):

Multiple mainstream media outlets are reporting breaking news that the U.S. Capitol was evacuated a little bit ago to the sound of sirens and air horns.

Via Washington Times:

Police are evacuating the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday afternoon, though no reason was given.

“Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate the U.S. Capitol building,” a loudspeaker blared.

Streams of staffers and workmen exited, directed to the grass near the building, directed by police who showed urgency but no sense of immediate danger.

The Capitol was fairly empty, with both chambers on a weeklong Memorial Day vacation.

Initially staff were told that only the visitor center, the sprawling underground complex added to the Capitol a decade ago, was being evacuated. But the order was quickly expanded to include the whole building.

No word yet on why, but it apparently wasn’t a drill. Either way, surely they’ll find a way to blame this on ISIS shortly.

3 thoughts on “Breaking: The U.S. Capitol Was Just Evacuated, No Reasons Given”

  1. A convenient time to stage a terror attack…… is getting really old……nobody is there, a holiday weekend………
    BS, BS, BS…….Surely one of them have heard the tale of the boy who called wolf?
    Someday, there will be a real reason, and nobody will believe it…..just like in the tale……

    I have a suggestion for the idiots who staged this……At the rate US fool leaders are going, the US will face a real threat….not from a group of Muslims, either……But from China, Russia, Japan +++++. You cannot treat such powerful nations in such a hostile way and not experience blow back.

    In 1941, Japan attacked the US. By all accounts, it was a fool thing to do. After the 2nd WW, Japan had to agree not to build another military……Until the idiots allowed it a few years ago. Now, they are rebuilding.

    China is building a huge military, and Russia is revamping and improving on a stronghold of weapons. They are sick of US interference and deceit.

    BRICS is a huge financial stronghold, led by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa…..But, their alliance does not end there…..They all despise the US. All the integrity we once showed is long gone, the US is an oasis for crooks……our markets a den of inequity…….we have lost all respect. The word is contempt, and the fools in power are too arrogant to realize it.
    Such nations are not going to take US offenses forever……..A far greater threat than BS terror attacks that so far have been 100% bogus.


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