Charges Dropped Against Cop Caught Having Sex With Cows

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“So, it isn’t just UK that’s weird…….

On the factory floor, when we’d made a real mess of a job, the foreman would look at it, tilt his head and say….is that a cow’s arse?”


U.S. Senate Repeals Bans On Sodomy And Bestiality In The Military (The Blaze, December 2, 2011)


Charges Dropped Against Cop Caught Having Sex With Cows

When a citizen journalist recently sent us a tip about an officer who was caught having sex with cows, we were admittedly skeptical. But it turns out that the case of former Moorestown police officer Robert Melia Jr. is just as bad as it sounds.

In Mount Holly, New Jersey, Officer Melia was indeed caught assaulting sexually abusing a cow. But his sexual crimes did not end with non-humans. Melia was also charged, several years ago, with sexually assaulting three girls.

It was during the course of that investigation that police found a video in Melia’s home that recorded him… abusing multiple cows. Apparently he was so proud of this abuse that he filmed it and saved it for posterity.

The incident was allegedly recorded on a Southhampton farm back in 2006. But a Superior Court Judge ruled in 2012 that prosecutors had failed to present sufficient evidence to jurors that Melia’s actions in fact tormented the cows.

As a result, the judge explained, they were unable to convict him of animal cruelty charges.

“I’m not saying it’s okay,” Judge Morley tried to explain of his dismissal of the charges.

“This is a legal question for me. It’s not a question of morals.”

But this was not the end for Melia and former girlfriend Heather Lewis, as both remained charged with the abuse of the aforementioned three girls.

Only months later, a jury found Melia and Lewis guilty of six counts of first-degree aggravated sexual assault in addition to multiple counts of sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual contact, sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child.

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  1. How many more of these morally corrupt people do we have watching over us? Tsa, nsa, homeland security, cia, dea,border agents? The list goes on and on.

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