– US Macro Data Has Never Collapsed This Fast (ZeroHedge, May 7, 2015):

Since the end of QE3 (and the end of the government’s fiscal year), US macroeconomic data has disappointed and weakened on an unprecedented scale. With April data not showing the post-weather bounce that every sell-side economist is hoping for, the absolute level of macro weakness was only marginally weaker in the past in the aftermath of the Lehman crisis.



In the past, fundamentals mattered…


Which leaves us wondering… how long before these jaws snap shut?


Charts: Bloomberg


4 thoughts on “US Macro Data Has NEVER COLLAPSED THIS FAST”

  1. The few greedy money changers who control the markets with high frequency trading could care less about the reality….every day they can skim more wealth out of the rigged and inflated market, is a good day for them. They don’t care if our markets collapse next week or month……all they are doing is buying and selling at a shamefully rapid rate……real investors don’t have their privileges.

    All the money generated is debt. Debt used for M&A which cause more jobs to vanish, or more bonds sold to enrich a few insiders.

    Even Apple, Wall Street’s darling has over $40Billion in bonds outstanding, and just informed the SEC they plan another huge bond issue……If Apple is doing so well, why generate more debt? My guess is that they are not doing so well, only the mendacious hype by the US media financial channels keep the lies going…..Does anyone else remember Bank of Italy?

    It is pure insanity. The markets no longer make sense to me because they don’t reflect the real deals, just the lies.

  2. I just went on a US news website, Huffington Post. They posted that unemployment rate fell to 7 year low……5.4%. What I really found appalling were the number of posts congratulating this crook of a president…..only a couple mentioned the 93 million long term unemployed………the denial around this scoundrel is amazing……..
    I am sickened. In light of the trade deal he has tried passing first in secret, then when that didn’t fly thanks to a few alert people…..then fast tracking it. When a simple rule passed by an alert senator making it unlawful to fast track deals with corrupt governments that exploit child labor pretty well kills that option, I was delighted. This president is pushing a trade agreement that will destroy another 40% of American jobs. Even worse, it would give arbitrary corporate rules precedent over our own national labor, wage and safety laws.
    Yet, the fools cheer this clown.


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