Russian Strategic Missile Forces To Begin Counter-Terrorist Exercise

Russian Strategic Missile Forces to Begin Counter-Terrorist Exercise

Russian Strategic Missile Forces to Begin Counter-Terrorist Exercise (Sputnik, March 30, 2015):

Russian Defense Ministry’s press service Russian Strategic Missile Forces’ counter-terrorist exercise will start on Tuesday as part of inspection of the southeastern Orenburg Missile Army.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Russian Strategic Missile Forces’ counter-terrorist exercise will start on Tuesday as part of inspection of the southeastern Orenburg Missile Army, the Defense Ministry’s press service said in a statement Monday.

The complex inspection is carried out from March 30 to April 11 in line with the Strategic Missile Troops combat readiness training program.

“During the inspection, special attention will be paid to the exercise that will be conducted under supervision of the Strategic Missile Forces Commander-in-Chief and will take place between March 31 and April 4,” the statement published on Russia’s Defense Ministry official website read.The main aim of the exercise is to improve the operational performance of commanders and staff officers throughout the chain of command, and enhance practical skills within task forces, units and elements in case of an imminent threat or an actual terrorist attack, according to the statement.

The Orenburg Missile Army is equipped with RT-2PM Topol (NATO reporting name SS-25 Sickle) and R-36М Voyevoda (NATO reporting name SS-18 Satan) intercontinental ballistic missile systems.

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced plans to conduct at least 4,000 military exercises throughout the country in 2015.

3 thoughts on “Russian Strategic Missile Forces To Begin Counter-Terrorist Exercise”

  1. God help us all. Our leaders keep the saber rattling going…….Russia has to respond…..

    It is time for us to get leaders who serve our national best interests rather than those of the war contractors. I am so sick of congress members, and our president serving every interest but that of the American people.

    This is insanity. They could hit us, and if they did, it would be the west coast…….
    I guess the jerks in DC don’t care if we get wiped out……we have fools in power, and they have destroyed us.
    My God, look at those weapons! The sight is enough to shake up any sane person.

  2. Here is a story that ought to be worrying every state of the EU and the US economy……..Greece.

    Greek officials are meeting with Russian and Chinese leaders…..Greek leaders already assuring China they have a place in the largest Greek shipping port. Russia and China are financial and political allies, and together, they could easily step in and help Greece if they leave the Euro…..
    If Greece leaves the Euro, it will start a financial unraveling that will spread throughout the Euro Zone and the US……


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