IRS Scandal Deja Vu: Hillary Clinton’s Email Server ‘Wiped Clean’

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IRS Scandal Deja Vu: Hillary Clinton’s Email Server “Wiped Clean” (ZeroHedge, March 28, 2015):

If, as one claims, one is innocent of i) using a personal email account to send out confidential information and/or to take advantage of one’s political position to abuse opponents and ii) deleting said confidential emails against government regulations, what would one do when faced with a government subpoena demand? If one is the IRS’ Lois Lerner, one would claim, against subsequently revealed facts, that a hardware error led to a permanent loss of all demanded emails, even though by email protocol definition, said emails are always stored on at least one off-site server. Or, if one is Hillary Clinton, one would just format the entire server.

This, according to the Hill, is precisely what Hillary Clinton has done as the recent scandal continues to grow bigger and impair ever more the already frail credibility and decision-making skills of the former first lady and democratic presidential hopeful.  According to the head of the House Select Committee on Benghazi says former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has erased all information from the personal email server she used while serving as the nation’s top diplomat.

“We learned today, from her attorney, Secretary Clinton unilaterally decided to wipe her server clean and permanently delete all emails from her personal server,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said in a statement Friday.

What difference does it make if she deleted all her emails?

Apparently a lot.

The key question is when said server formatting took place. This appears to have taken place after the first production request had come in, which means that Clinton may well be guilty of destruction of evidence. He said while it’s “not clear precisely when Secretary Clinton decided to permanently delete all emails from her server, it appears she made the decision after October 28, 2014, when the Department of State for the first time asked the Secretary to return her public record to the Department.”

What’s worse, the evidence destroyed officially is US government property, since it was all created when Clinton was an employee of Uncle Sam.

Last week, Gowdy sent a letter to Clinton’s attorney asking that the email server be turned over to a third party in the hopes that an investigation could recover about 30,000 emails that her team deleted before turning the rest over to the State Department.

Gowdy said “it is clear Congress will need to speak with the former Secretary about her email arrangement and the decision to permanently delete those emails.”

Not only was the Secretary the sole arbiter of what was a public record, she also summarily decided to delete all emails from her server, ensuring no one could check behind her analysis in the public interest,” Gowdy said.

Those intent on defending the former Secretary of State, such as the panel’s top Democrat, Elijah Cummings may have their work cut out for them but that doesn’t stop them from trying: Cummings said the letter the select committee received from Clinton’s attorney detailing what happened the server proves she has nothing to hide.

“This confirms what we all knew — that Secretary Clinton already produced her official records to the State Department, that she did not keep her personal emails, and that the Select Committee has already obtained her emails relating to the attacks in Benghazi,” he said in a statement.

“It is time for the Committee to stop this political charade and instead make these documents public and schedule Secretary Clinton’s public testimony now.”

Clinton has maintained that the messages were personal in nature, but Gowdy and other Republicans have raised questions over whether she might have deleted messages that could damage her expected White House run in the process.

“I have absolute confidence that everything that could be in any way connected to work is now in the possession of the State Department,” Clinton said during a press conference in New York earlier this month.

Sadly, there is nothing but her word to go by at this moment: a word whose credibility has now been fatally compromised by her recent actions.

She said she had culled through more than 60,000 emails from her time at State and determined that roughly 30,000 of them were public records that should have been maintained.

Gowdy said given Clinton’s “unprecedented email arrangement with herself and her decision nearly two years after she left office to permanently delete” information, his panel would work with House leadership as it “considers next steps.”

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Gowdy and other members of the Benghazi panel in the past have hinted that the full House could issues a subpoena for Clinton’s server.

The Hill concludes by treating the population to the next upcoming kangaroo court: House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) has suggested his panel could hold hearings over Clinton’s use of private email, emphasizing his panel’s jurisdiction over violations of the Federal Records Act.

Will anything change as a result? Of course not, because the real decision-maker has already hedged its bets. Recall Blankfein has already indicated that despite his strong preference for a democrat president, one which would perpetuate the Fed’s policies, “he would be fine with either a Bush or Clinton presidency.” Which in a country controlled and dominated by lobby interests, and which happens to be the “best democracy that money can buy” is all that matters.

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  1. If the democrats are fool enough to run this woman for president, they will leave the door wide open for another fool republican to gain power……and we will be totally destroyed.

    Look at what Obama has done to destroy civil rights and labor laws…..another idiot republican will destroy us. This woman is the most negative and divisive creature in politics. If she had any regard for this nation, she would go home to her corrupt husband, and leave us alone. But, she only cares for her own narcissistic desires……..

    The US needs new blood, no more corrupt clintons or bushes…….between the two families, our constitution has been shredded, all our rights vanquished.
    I pray never to see another bush or clinton in the white house………


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