There Is No Recovery – TARGET LAYS OFF 1,700 – NFP Is A Joke: A Historic Monetary Crisis Is Certain (Video)



Tuesday, March 10, 2015: Target LAYS OFF 1,700 people from its Minneapolis headquarters and announces it will not hire 1,400 “open” positions – 3,100 high paying jobs, GONE in an instant. These are bread winners with families and mortgages and house payments – now unemployed. Meanwhile the NFP report last week — which at this point is PURE PROPAGANDA built on outright lies — claims the unemployment rate in the United States is a mere 5.5%. Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin joins us to discuss the current state of the economy as we document the collapse for the week of March 9th, 2015.

1 thought on “There Is No Recovery – TARGET LAYS OFF 1,700 – NFP Is A Joke: A Historic Monetary Crisis Is Certain (Video)”

  1. A governing body, by hiding behind such false numbers, loses all credibility. Not that they care, they have lied so repeatedly in the face of mounting layoffs, and empty storefronts. Only a den of thieves could live in such a lurid manner. They are empty beings.

    I worked as a technical recruiter for many years. I was approached by one of the two major parties to identify, polish and put a man into the legislature. There was an all day seminar to introduce the system to me. It was Orwellian at best, but I found it craven. Something in side of me turned away in disgust. I would have to sell my soul to join, undermine my country in a way I found reprehensible. So, I stayed with my engineers at at peace with myself.

    In this dreadful crash without an end, I sometimes wonder where I would be if I had taken the path offered me……but not really. I know I would have to join the ranks of the grey undead for membership……………

    But, they are finally bending on the oil prices, trying to lure consumers back into their vehicles……get them out and spending. They seem to find it astonishing that people can live without driving long distances. Perhaps this is one of the reasons they found money to fix the highways…………………

    Man cannot serve two masters. They serve the special interests that access to power and fuel their elections. It is time for some changes if this country is to stand for a few more years. We are bankrupt, gutted of all our natural resources.


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