Video emerges of Ferguson cops shooting (Warning: Strong language)

Police stand guard moments after gun shots were fired outside the City of Ferguson Police Department and Municipal Court in Ferguson, Missouri, early March 12, 2015

Video emerges of Ferguson cops shooting (Warning: Strong language) (RT, March 12, 2015):

An amateur video has emerged online showing exactly the moment two policemen were shot during a rally near Ferguson police department.

The video is a low-resolution one and is more about what one can hear than what one can see.

Sounds of gunfire are distinctly heard, followed by loud screams as well as the groaning of a man who was hit.

Ferguson police station is seen and people running away in panic.

The shooting occurred in the early hours of Thursday as people were rallying outside the police station.

Two police officers were shot in the incident as was confirmed by police.

A 32-year-old officer from Webster Groves was shot in the face, and a 41-year-old officer from St Louis County was shot in the shoulder, St Louis County police chief Jon Belmar told journalists at a press conference. He added that both the man received “very serious wounds,” but were conscious and being treated at a local hospital.

The protest outside the Ferguson Police Department began after its chief, Thomas Jackson, announced his resignation Wednesday. He is the sixth city official to step down in the wake of last week’s damning Department of Justice report, revealing discrimination against Ferguson’s African-American population by local courts and police.

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The report was compiled in the wake of large-scale protests against police brutality, following the shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown by Ferguson policeman Darren Wilson in August last year. In November, mass protests broke out after a grand jury decided not to indict Wilson.

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