$4 Million In Gold Bars Stolen In 11th Largest Heist In History

$4 Million In Gold Bars Stolen In 11th Largest Heist In History (ZeroHedge, March 2, 2015): 

Long-time Zero Hedge readers may remember the rather surreal moment towards the beginning of the long-running German tungsten/gold repatriation saga, when Bundesbank Executive Board member Andreas Dombret assured the NY Fed that Germany wasn’t afraid of Simon Gruber (or Goldfinger for that matter) “masterminding gold heists in U.S. vaults.”

Well, since it now appears Germany is all set to ramp up its repatriation efforts (see the NY Fed’s November monthly outflow numbers), Buba may want to reconsider its stance on the threat posed by ambitious bandits, as less than 24 hours ago, an estimated 4 million in gold bars were commandeered (on the side of I-95 no less), by gun wielding desperados.

From CBS: 

North Carolina authorities and the FBI are investigating the theft of an estimated $4 million worth of gold allegedly stolen during an armed robbery along Interstate 95 on Sunday evening, CBS affiliate WRAL reports.

After mechanical problems with their truck, two armed guards who were traveling from Miami to Massachusetts with a shipment of silver and gold pulled over at mile marker 114 on the Interstate.

According to the station, the sheriff’s office says the guards reported that three armed men in a white van approached them, ordered them to the ground, tied their hands behind their backs and forced them to walk into some nearby woods. Investigators, who responded to the scene shortly before 7 p.m., said the men then reportedly took several barrels of gold and left while the guards were in the woods.

While it’s not clear if the perpetrators here were in fact relatives of anyone killed by John McLane, what we do know is that this was no small feat. Here’s local affiliate WNCN: “…gold robberies of this magnitude are rare. The largest gold robbery in Florida, for example, was the $2.8 million stolen in 2012.” 

A quick look back at last year’s ZH post chronicling the 15 greatest gold heists of all-time reveals that yesterday’s 6:50 p.m. robbery was in fact the 11th biggest gold bullion heist of ever! Below, find the original infographic.

Gold Heists_07
Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist


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