Obama’s Venezuelan coup fails – the evidence emerges

President Obama with his advisor for Latin America, Ricardo Zuñiga, and the National Security Advisor Susan Rice
President Obama with his advisor for Latin America, Ricardo Zuñiga, and the National Security Advisor Susan Rice

Obama’s Venezuelan coup fails – the evidence emerges (Axis of Logic, Feb 25, 2015):


Once again, the Obama administration has tried to force the change of a political regime that resists it. On February 12, an Academi (formerly Blackwater) plane disguised as an aircraft of the Venezuelan army was supposed to bomb the presidential palace and kill President Nicolas Maduro. The plotters had planned to place former MP María Corina Machado in power and have her immediately acclaimed by former Latin American presidents.

President Obama had given a warning. In his new doctrine of Defense (National Security Strategy), he wrote: “We stand with citizens whose full exercise of democracy is in danger, as the Venezuelans.” Yet, Venezuela is, since the adoption of the 1999 constitution, one of the most democratic countries in the world. This sentence presaged the worst to prevent it from continuing its path to independence and wealth redistribution.

It was on February 6, 2015. Washington was finishing developing the plan for the overthrow of the democratic institutions of Venezuela. The coup was planned for February 12.

“Operation Jericho” was supervised by the National Security Council (NSC), under the authority of Ricardo Zuñiga. This “diplomat” is the grandson of the homonymous president of the Honduran National Party who organized the coups of 1963 and 1972 in favor of General López Arellano. He directed the CIA station in Havana (2009-11), where he recruited and financed agents to form the opposition to Fidel Castro while negotiating the resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba (finally concluded in 2014).

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  1. Well, getting back at Hugo Chavez after he is dead takes a really angry banker crowd. Remember, regardless of all you read…………..it was from this little country that the first electronic currency emerged. First, Chavez set it up for his little trade association, South American Trade Alliance with an annual GDP so low it flew under US radar. He presented the Sucre, an electronic currency which allowed all member nations to trade directly with each using their own currency, LEAVING THE DOLLAR OUT.

    Six months later, seeing its smooth success, Russia and China adopted it, starting with a trade agreement with each other, using an identical system.
    That was in November of 2010, and the story, along with most information about the Sucre has been scrubbed from the web. I happened to be looking, and I caught the story at the time.

    China went on to recruit much of the world. Today, the US dollar is used in about 30% of nations to complete international trades, down from 100% in the beginning of 2010.

    The only remaining holdout is the EU, and they are in deep trouble. If it isn’t Greece, it will always be another of the broken members, once they figure out they have the EU and IMF on the ropes. It cannot go on much longer.

    I wonder if any economists have ever worked out insanity points. When viewing the behavior of the entire western economy, it is in the quicksand and fighting to stay out. Instead of taking logical steps to clean up the mess after the 2001-02 mess, they just created bubbles to keep the balls in the air…….2008 ought to have told any sane leader that some steps needed to be taken……instead it has gotten increasingly madder.

    The stock market is over 18,000 regardless of the commodities……..they lie about employment while 33% of their working age citizens are out of work.
    They continue to look at this false market, insisting everything is better, regardless the continuing slide in real estate.

    While greedy gut bankers get 1% interest or less, mortgage rates are over 6% for 30 year fixed, and well over 5% for ARMs…….which most Americans now have. While wages continue to fall, housing prices are held firmly at 2006 levels, and nobody can afford to buy a home…………..at some point, this ball will come crashing down.

    All the lies are just that, empty data is still false. There is no truth to hold it up.

    If I were not at the end point of my life, I would be interested in pursuing such a chart. I don’t know if one exists or not, if not, it ought be developed. An insanity factor, the entire west has gone mad.

    In the east, China is the biggest fraud, because they adopted too much of western influence.


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