‘Democracy RIP’? Occupy protesters arrested in London (Video)



Several protesters were arrested at Parliament Square, London, on Saturday during a peaceful demonstration organised by the activist group Occupy Democracy.

1 thought on “‘Democracy RIP’? Occupy protesters arrested in London (Video)

  1. Didn’t anyone read NDAA? A couple of the factors in it include the arrest and prison terms for anyone protesting on public property if a public official is present. It doesn’t matter if the protestors know of the official’s presence or not………..the term is one year in PRISON.
    People cannot protest without a permit from the government, even on public property……….
    Does anyone remember what happened to the heads of Occupy in the US? They were chased by the IRS and the government……and Occupy was destroyed. The final outrage was that a corporation bought the name, bought up a few mortgages, and returned them to a select few………….and that was the end of Occupy USA.
    Again I ask, what is new here?

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