Europe’s Greek Showdown: The Sum Of All Statist Errors

Europe’s Greek Showdown: The Sum Of All Statist Errors (David Stockman’s Contra Corner, Feb 10, 2015):

The politicians of Europe are plunging into a form of ideological fratricide as they battle over Greece. And “fratricide” is precisely the right descriptor because in this battle there are no white hats or black hits—-just statists.

Accordingly, all the combatants—the German, Greek and other national politicians and the apparatchiks of Brussels and Frankfurt—- are fundamentally on the wrong path, albeit for different reasons. Yet by collectively indulging in the sum of all statist errors they may ultimately do a service. Namely, discredit and destroy the whole bailout state and central bank driven financialization model that threatens political democracy and capitalist prosperity in Europe——and the rest of the world, too.

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  1. The constant bank bailouts have to end. That is all Greece will do if they stay in the EU……..and people are sick of the greedy guts grabbing everything.


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