Baltic Dry Index Hits New Record Low

Baltic Dry Index Hits New Record Low (ZeroHedge, Feb 11, 2015): 

“It’s like a tax-cut for the world’s freight shippers…” oh wait…

New Record Low at 553…



Not unequivocally good


3 thoughts on “Baltic Dry Index Hits New Record Low”

  1. Yet the rigged US markets are all up. The entire market is controlled by a few greedy guts, and it has to change.
    The Baltic dry index reflects commodities, and commodities are what tell the story. Who is actually buying, and who is just pretending to it?
    When you have a stock market that no longer reflects the real economy, it can hold up for only so long. As FDR’s Federal Reserve Chairman said in 1952 when asked what caused the crash of 1929……….I would have said the original crash of 1919-21…..but they used a real estate, then a stock market bubble to hide it until 1929…..sound familiar? After 1929, they ran out of options to pump the market until the war started. Then, war became a game of profit for greedy guts, and now, once again, we are out of allies and coalition of any kind. So, we are down to unilateral attacks on countries that cannot fight back. We have become despised around the world, and 70% of the world DOES NOT use the dollar.

    “As in a poker game, when the chips get concentrated into fewer and fewer hands, the other fellows can only stay in the game by borrowing. When their credit ran out, the game stopped.”

    China has lied for years claiming to export more than they do because they have been growing at rates impossible to achieve. You cannot grow 10-15% a year for decades, nothing works that way.

    Down to the real economy with shrinking wages, decent paying jobs melting away at about one million a month. Those with jobs work long hours to keep employed, and the greedy corporations burn them out. People who bring in lots of profit a week get sixty cent raises……… is just awful. Nobody can survive.

    The market in the US is comprised of 90% of skim and sell high frequency trades. The remaining 10% consists of corporate CEOs buying back their own stock often with borrowed money……….a final screw to the shareholders. Apple tops the list, and entire communities have changed the rules to buy Apple in order to pay their pension promises. It is all falling apart, and the Baltic Dry index is only another warning…..a very big one………..that nobody will heed until it is too late, and the greedy guts have pocketed their winnings and departed, leaving the borrowers in the ditch.

    This is a very serious situation……..


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