Senator Bernie Sanders Releases Media-Censored Statistics – These are the FACTS (Video)

H/t reader M.G.:

 “Probably underwritten by the US thugs for hire.

In the meantime, here at home……………….”


via Brascheck TV:

Senator Bernie Sanders is one of the few politicians in Washington who speaks the truth unapologetically. In this powerful short speech, Sanders speaks what the conscience of the American people is certainly thinking… This nation is an oligarchy, and our income distribution is worsening every day. At least we can take pride in knowing that one elected representative in Washington may actually be representing the American people.

1 thought on “Senator Bernie Sanders Releases Media-Censored Statistics – These are the FACTS (Video)”

  1. This is a man whose time has come.
    He speaks the language of the multitude….no longer just a few disenfranchised……..they have become the majority.
    Better than 1 in 3 Americans are long term unemployed.
    If something does not change, Americans will catch up with the Europeans.
    One out of every two Europeans are long term unemployed.
    Business as usual is unsustainable.
    Americans are angry, Americans are fed up.
    A cheap ploy with a Clinton or bush won’t cut it……not this time.
    Obama’s betrayal cut across all party and class lines.


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