FOX San Diego: Sardines, Crayfish ‘Disappeared From Pacific Ocean … They’ve Just Vanished’


FOX San Diego: Sardines, crayfish “disappeared from Pacific Ocean… they’ve just vanished” — Marine mammals starving, struggling to survive on West Coast — Strandings in past 5 weeks already exceed what’s normally seen for an entire year — “Much larger” than anything on record (VIDEOS) (ENENews, Feb 10, 2015):

Fox 5 San Diego transcript, Feb 9, 2015 (emphasis added): It’s been a record year right now for seal and sea lion rescues all along our coast… For some reason sardines and crayfish have pretty much disappeared from the Pacific Ocean — and that is having a very negative impact on seals and sea lions, especially their babies…

Dr. Todd Schmitt, who runs Sea World’s Animal Rescue Center, Feb 9, 2015: “This time of year, we’re seeing 10 times the numbers we’d normally see during the stranding season… They’re all just severely malnourished. They’re coming in emaciated, dehydrated, really severe body condition… They just can’t find food on their own… We think the food – fish — they’re looking for isn’t there. That crayfish, the sardines, have just vanished from California waters, at least around the Channel Islands and coastal areas, so they’re just not able to find food… They’re struggling to survive right now.”

NBC Nightly News, Feb. 8, 2015: Only five weeks into 2015, more than 350 sea lions have been rescued. Marine biologists are worried that this year’s rescues could… exceed [2013’s] Unusual Mortality Event [NOAA: “For the past decade, sea lion strandings have averaged about 250“] … “We had rescued 19 California sea lions in January [2013],” Sea World San Diego Senior Veterinarian Hendrick Nollens told NBC News. “This year we already rescued 87 pups in that same month. So this event seems to be much larger.”… lack of fish… may be causing the increased strandings this year, but scientists are still trying to determine what is causing the shortage. “It’s a bunch of reasons coming together to pretty much create what we could call a perfect storm,” [Pacific Marine Mammal Center’s Keith Matassa] said… “There’s a lot of times we cry,” volunteer Irene Gilgoff told NBC News.

NBC News transcript, Feb. 8, 2015: Upon arrival a vet checks their vitals. This girl’s signs look promising. Richard Evans, veterinarian: “We’ve got a shot on this one. It’s going to be slow, in the area of months.”… Normally they’d have just 2 or 3 animals this time of year but right now the count is in the 40s — and rising rapidly… It’s hard to say why this is happening.

Watch NBC Nightly News here | Fox 5 broadcast here

5 thoughts on “FOX San Diego: Sardines, Crayfish ‘Disappeared From Pacific Ocean … They’ve Just Vanished’”

  1. I wonder what could be causing it?

    Is it the Government & its Mainstream propaganda media?

    Surely not. They wouldn’t lie to us, surely, we pay their wages?

  2. Of course they are gone, they are at the bottom of the food chain for fish, and sea creatures. The dolphins are one third of their normal size, they are not having children…………..we face our own extinction while corporate oligarchies refuse to allow corporate controlled media to address this problem.

    A sane leadership would gather the best minds from around the world and find a way to address and fix the problem. Instead, nothing is done. Our extinction, 85 years after the splitting of the atom was shown to the profane. Such knowledge ought to have been kept very secret, instead it was used to feed greed. Knowledge without wisdom is a very dangerous combination…..regardless of what they say, wisdom is essential to such knowledge.

    Now, with idiots in charge, we face our own demise. The Pacific ocean is dead, and alive, it produced 50% of the world’s oxygen. Dead, I don’t know what will happen.

  3. It is coming up four years next month since the mysterious ‘earthquake’ followed by the tsunami and the still questionable nuclear explosions in four reactors, despite one reactor being dismantled totally for maintenance.

    The mysterious connection/involvement between the Rothschild controlled israeli zionist secret service, mossad and every ‘event’ over the last fifty years, including 911, London Tube bombings, the Boston bombing, the Paris bombings, flights MH370 & MH17 and so on, is a real pointer when one looks again at Fukushima.

    Re-tracing back to Jim Stone’s insistence that everything relating to Fukushima leads back to mossad (sic) and the known technology to actually cause such an earthquake using HAARP etc, the lack of effort to resolve the issue by all world Government (contrasting with a perceived nonsensical threat from Russia which draws full focused effort and involvement from the US & NATO), and the official news blackout from Japan, honoured by all Rothschild owned Governments, his theories are proving to have more and more foundation.

    Marilyn is right, but the cause is far more sinister after four years of silence, cover up, threats, cancer and the destruction of our environment.


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