1 thought on “Greek Tape Bomb Crushes Payrolls Euphoria, Takes S&P Back To Red For 2015”

  1. As some of you here know, I am advanced in years with a rare form of cancer in the spine and will soon be gone. I cannot say how happy it makes me to see greedy guts getting scared………..and the world waking up.

    Maybe the stooges here in the US might look online for news, because I am certain they won’t be told. Americans, fool enough to go to TV for news get nothing of value, just junk. Corporate channels promote stock or bonds, telling the suckers to buy them. But, Americans don’t have the money they once did, and perhaps they might be forced to wake up. How wonderful it would be to see that……………..but fools continue to follow the corporate thinking……it would be great to see.


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