3 Slides That Will Challenge Everything You Think About Investing

3 Slides That Will Challenge Everything You Think About Investing (Sovereign Man, Feb 3, 2015):

With just three slides and 5 minutes and 44 seconds, Tim Price breaks down everything that’s wrong with the markets… and with the conventional investing mentality that most investors cling to like a warm blanket.

This is an incredibly enlightening video, with some completely new insight.

Yes, we can look at the key metrics and see that markets are overvalued. Yes, we can look at central bank policy and see what’s fueling the movement behind these stocks and bonds. But that’s not what this is about.

Tim cuts to the root of the entire mainstream investment ethos and shows why it’s dead wrong. Or at a minimum, very high-risk.

To cap it off, he provides some actionable investment wisdom that anyone can take advantage of.

This is totally worth your time if you care at all about your savings and your financial education, even (or especially) if you are an experienced investor, as it will really challenge your thinking.

Our goal is simple: To help you achieve personal liberty and financial prosperityno matter what happens.

1 thought on “3 Slides That Will Challenge Everything You Think About Investing”

  1. Any market that gyrates a trillion dollars in a week is a market in deep turmoil and trouble. 90% of all transactions are high frequency, skim and sell transactions that happen faster than one blinks an eye. It used to be illegal, it is outright skimming, and putting nothing back, the bastards don’t even pay short term capital gains taxes that we would pay for years. How these greedy guts are allowed to continue bleeding the market dry is an abomination……..on all decent investors.

    Of course the market is in trouble. I read an article saying that 20% of all transactions were CEO buybacks yesterday……….I wonder how many used borrowed money to screw the shareholders more completely when it all comes falling down……There have never been protections for shareholders, but this is downright exploitation. CEOs are lining their pockets at shareholder expense, buying back stock with borrowed money…………….what insufferable fraud.
    I need no graphs to show me, the handwriting is on the wall, dow was up 6 points today, the charade is about over.


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