2015 Currency Wars Year-To-Date Summary: 13 Rate Cuts, 5 Rate Hikes

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2015 Currency Wars Year-To-Date Summary: 13 Rate Cuts, 5 Rate Hikes (Zerohedge, Jan 29, 2015):

For those keeping track of currency wars around the globe, 2015 – a year in which two central banks, those of Switzerland and Singapore have already admitted defeat, is shaping up as nothing short of historic. As DB’s summarizes: just about 31 countries have, in less than a month, eased in the form of 13 mostly “surprise” rate cuts, while just 5 have tightened monetary policy.

From DB:

Yesterday we highlighted that 9 Central Bank have eased policy this year. However we’ve subsequently learnt there are actually 13. Here is the full list: Singapore, Europe, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, India, Turkey, Egypt, Romania, Peru, Albania, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. Given that the ECB covers 19 countries you could actually say its 31 countries. On the other hand we think 5 countries have tightened monetary policy including Brazil, Armenia, Krygyzstan, Mongolia and Belarus. Overnight the RBNZ kept rates on hold although attention in the Asia-Pacific region will move to the RBA decision next week.

As DB concludes, “who is next is the big question, and can the Fed continue to try to prime the market for rate hikes when the rest of the world is easing?” Judging by yesterday’s market reaction, the answer for now is year.


7 thoughts on “2015 Currency Wars Year-To-Date Summary: 13 Rate Cuts, 5 Rate Hikes”

  1. Friend Stanley, the first two clips show the terror and desperation of US government and their thugs. They know they are wrong, and they know they are going to get payback………..these acts are fear based, nothing more.

    If the woman wants an autopsy, she needs to pay for an independent one, or she will get lies.

  2. Stanley, on your third posting, I wish we had such sane leadership in the west.
    Oil is far from Russia’s only export and natural resource, so it will come out fine because they have a sane leader. If the Euro is fool enough to try to keep sanctions on Russia based on US lies, the Euro will lose key members (geographically, Greece, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, and others with access to key waterways). Putin can see beyond the next quarter, unlike the corporate creeps the west suffers under.
    The corporate fools are destroying our world, and until people realize the danger of them, it will only get worse.
    Abe Lincoln said corporations were the most insidious and evil man made invention……he also said the US would go down, not from outside invasion, but by the “Vandals within” meaning greedy guts and corporations.
    Russia has a very smart man at the helm….pity we haven’t the same over here.
    Stanley, on the C-Span clip, all I can say is that America needs more than people to show up and make noise, they need a quiet, mindful move towards regaining the power lost thanks to bush boy and obama…..the vote is totally impotent. Yelling and name calling isn’t the answer. Americans need to grow up.
    Look at Putin. They have been saying dreadful things about him. He just ignores them and moves quietly and mindfully towards his goal…………to bury the US dollar. He is closer every week.
    We need more than people who yell and go to jail.


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