1 thought on “Coming To a Country Near You Soon … Argentina’s Financial Collapse (Full Documentary) … Prepare Yourself NOW”

  1. Argentina has been collapsing for years. So what?

    The US is closing its Embassy to the public in Yemen to public due to turmoil……the US position in the middle east areas is sliding south quickly. Yemen is south of Saudi Arabia……they are very unhappy about OPEC kicking the Petrodollar to the curb. Why not cover this story?
    US drone just killed many civilians in Yemen……..maybe that is why they are closing the embassy to the public.
    This is a far more important story than Argentina. One more very rich area of the world is kicking the dollar out.

    Meanwhile, the US puppet government in the Ukraine is blaming Russia for their handiwork……..
    This is the real news, forget Argentina and movies.

    High courts just ruled for employers in employee retirement suit……more for greedy guts, less for the people. Not one word about it.
    Argentina isn’t the story today.
    US trying to make friends in Thailand………things are not good, it is now controlled by a military government thanks to yet another coup.


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