“If You Question Authority, You Are Mentally Ill”, Report Finds


“If You Question Authority, You Are Mentally Ill”, Report Finds (ZeroHedge, Jan 21, 2015):

The psychopathologizing of anti-authoritarian behavior is yet another step on what looks like an increasingly slippery slope and it strikes us as especially harmful. The American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM for short) defined a new mental illness, the so-called “oppositional defiant disorder” or ODD. As TheMindUnleashed.org informs us, the definition of this new mental illness essentially amounts to declaring any non-conformity and questioning of authority as a form of insanity. In short, as Natural News put it: According to US psychiatrists, only the sheeple are sane.

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1 thought on ““If You Question Authority, You Are Mentally Ill”, Report Finds”

  1. Every time I encounter some fool report like this, I thank the God of my understanding I will soon be gone. People are so stupid, and the older I get, the more bored I get with their disgustingly predictable behavior. Ask questions and you are crazy? Perhaps the opposite is true, ask questions and you will go crazy….that is closer to the truth.

    Friends of mine who drink from the fountain of Oblivion (US media) and love Obama avoid me, I am considered difficult. Because of my illness, and perhaps due to some affection for me, they tolerate my views, but don’t want to accept them. If they did, the pain would be too great, and the fear would be too real. They have no concept of what the next few months will bring, let alone the next few years……..I am glad I won’t be here for it.

    So, yes, if you ask questions, and find the right answers, it is pretty damn scary, and fear can lead to paranoia which can lead to………….fill in the blank.


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