Frenchman Given A 6 Month Jail Sentence For Shouting ‘Vive La Kalash!’ (‘Glory to the Kalash!’) A Day After Charlie Hebdo Attack

If he would have been shouting “Glory to the Mossad!” instead …

Charlie Hebdo Attack A Staged Event – Mossad Agents Pose As Fake Shooters In France Terror Hoax (Video)

… he would be a free man.

File photo of a policeman standing guard outside the French satirical weekly "Charlie Hebdo" in Paris

Frenchman Jailed for Praising AK-47 a Day After Charlie Hebdo Attack (The Moscow Times, Jan 13, 2015):

A Frenchman who shouted “Glory to the Kalash!” in praise of the Russian rifle used in the massacre at Charlie Hebdo a day earlier has been given a six month jail sentence, a news report said.

The 20-year-old man, who was not identified by name, was held by police in the north-central city of Orléans after yelling “Vive la kalash!” in reference to the Russian-made AK-47 rifles, France’s reported Sunday.

The man, who later said he was intoxicated at the time, was also wearing a jumper featuring an image of a Kalashnikov rifle, and was carrying a switchblade, the report added.

The incident took place on Thursday, a day after 12 people were killed by Islamic extremists who burst into the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and opened fire with Kalashnikov rifles.

The total death toll following three days of terror attacks on the French capital was 17.

The man in Orléans was given a six-month prison term on charges of public disturbance and ordered to pay 400 euros ($470) to each of the four policemen as compensation.

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