S&P Down 5% From Highs, Dow Drops Almost 700 Points In 27 Hours

S&P Down 5% From Highs, Dow Drops Almost 700 Points In 27 Hours (ZeroHedge, Jan 14, 2015):

Things are escalating… Energy credit markets are pushing back towards record high spreads, copper is pushing back to the overnight lows and gold and silver are flat. US equity markets are the big movers with The Dow down well over 300 points today (and nearly 700 points in the last 27 hours) and the S&P now down almost 5% from its highs. Treasury yields are 8-10bps lower on the day with 30Y yields at record lows and 10Y close.

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  1. The thing to watch isn’t the DOW, I have seen it pumped up a thousand points in three days, so the gyration and chaos going on is obvious. The financial war being waged against US interests has been accelerated, and in the end, the US will be sitting on piles of paper money nobody wants.

    The key is commodities, they tell the story. They tell anyone with sense what the real economy of the people is about, and the talking heads brush over it……..I cannot believe these clowns can sleep at night, unfortunately, most of the biggest crooks of all claim to be “men of honor” who can sleep well at night………stealing from everyone they meet.

    There is so much more going on here. Russia (and probably China) are divesting themselves of US dollars, as are other nations. Right now, the dollar is high, so why not? For the US, it is a disaster, the fact no money comes in, all is skimmed and removed in less time than to blink ones eye………..all of these crooked policies will figure big in the collapse of the dollar, and that is coming down very fast.

    The economic war against the US is about finished, and the US lost. Even if they invade Russia, China and all the countries that have dumped the dollar, including Australia and New Zealand…….the position of world reserve currency is now obsolete.

    This and much more is figuring in the news today, the DOW being the least of it.


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