Radioactive Leak At US Nuclear Plant


Radioactive leak reported at US nuclear plant (TASS, Jan 13, 2015):

NEW YORK, January 13. /TASS/. Radioactive water leaked from a tank at a nuclear plant near Athens in the US state of Alabama, releasing tritium into the environment, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), which operates the plant, has said.

The leak at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant has resulted in a spill of between 370 to 750 liters of radioactive water into a river.

The TVA said the leak, which is blamed on a malfunction of one of the valves, was quickly contained and posed no risk to the local citizens.

The company acknowledged that the content of radioactive substances in the water exceeded acceptable standards.

The experts carried out a series of checks in the area but no traces of radioactive contamination were found.

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