Charlie Hebdo Attack A Staged Event – Mossad Agents Pose As Fake Shooters In France Terror Hoax (Video)

H/t reader squodgy:

“Personally I don’t think there’s any doubt that this is another CIA/mossad FALSE FLAG to accelerate the establishment of a one world government police state run by the Rothschilds and their cohorts.”

Apparently French police cars are AK-47 bullet-proof (… unless the terrorists fired blanks at the police car).

See for yourself.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Full article (photos & video) here:

Mossad Agents Pose as Fake Shooters in France Terror Hoax (NODISINFO, Jan 14, 2015):

Revelation thanks in full to one of our posters.

It was agents of the arch-Zionist Mossad who were posing as the play actors in the terminally wretched hoax, the purported (fake) killings at Charlie Hebdo. In this regard the following video was provided. In it, clearly, it is demonstrated that these are not Arabic speakers. Nor are they North African speakers. Nor are they even French speakers. Instead, they are agents of the arch-Zionist cabal who have been caught red-handed in the act.

1 thought on “Charlie Hebdo Attack A Staged Event – Mossad Agents Pose As Fake Shooters In France Terror Hoax (Video)”

  1. To friend Stanley,
    I cannot help but believe these are staged to scare people into giving up a free and open Internet. People are so damn stupid, Stanley, I find it hard to understand it.
    When the Pill came out, I thought “oh, great, the abortion issue will be a thing of the past.” Instead, abortion accelerated. People are just plain stupid. People like us who use our minds are a dying commodity.

    I am really concerned this will be used to tighten the police state and cut communications with others. I don’t like it at all.

    I am convinced that is why we are arranged to die, we outlive our rearing and world……..this whole game is staged. I really find it disgusting government lies all the time. Everything I was taught is no longer of any use, and when I look around, I am not sorry I am soon going to be gone.

    Look at Fukushima. Talking heads in the US get fired if they mention it. In Japan, reporters on the subject can go to prison. People in the US who listen to the fools don’t believe it. They think I am nuts because I don’t like barnacles on our beaches instead of sea shells, and dead birds the vultures won’t touch…..they have better sense.

    All this proves man’s folly, and he will likely ignore the truth until he is forced to it.


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