1 thought on “Proof France Terror Attack is Fake – What is the Real Agenda (Video)”

  1. It appears the powers that be are seeking a world military dictatorship, but France is the worst place they could try. Even though the French make mistakes, like trying to make peace with Hitler in the 1930s, they do learn from their mistakes, and are unlikely to fall for this, regardless of what the media claims.

    We have so many things coming together, that in a very short time, none of this will matter. CA, the food basket for all US states (and some abroad) are in year 5 of a miserable drought. My air conditioning is setting on again…….it is hotter than hell, and it is January. The loss of those crops are going to have a terrible effect on the world. If CA becomes a desert once again, the US is in deep trouble.

    Add in Fukushima which is killing all life in the world’s biggest ocean, the Pacific. It is dead, and it used to provide 50% of the world’s oxygen……I don’t know what a dead one will produce. Food prices have grown by leaps and bounds. Two years ago, I did a grant proposal for a budding nonprofit, and at that time, over 20% of US citizens suffer from “food insecurity” …….hunger.

    SNAPs has doubled from 2009 (supposedly the economy had recovered) through 2014. Over 50 million Americans now seek some form of assistance…….that is about 15% of the population. That may sound low until you look at the statistics from 2009 – 2014.
    It is really bad, and getting worse. Hunger can breed revolution, just look at the history of France.
    We have not suffered a drought that destroyed supplies for millions in my lifetime, and I am advanced in years. Add in the radioactivity in our soil, and I believe the two problems, Fukushima and death of crops are interrelated. Even more, the food from CA is unsafe to eat, so where does that leave us? Millions depend on these crops….millions.
    Food prices are already skyrocketing, so is the price of drinking water.
    As usual, they focus on the wrong issues.


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