RECORD 92.9 Million Americans Not In Labor Force – Labor Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 38 Year Low

Labor Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 38 Year Low; Record 92.9 Million Americans Not In Labor Force (ZeroHedge, Jan 9, 2015):

Another month, another attempt by the BLS to mask the collapse in the US labor force with a goalseeked seasonally-adjusted surge in waiter, bartender and other low-paying jobs. Case in point: after a modest rebound by 0.1% in November, the labor participation rate just slid once more, dropping to 62.7%, or the lowest print since December 1977. This happened because the number of Americans not in the labor forced soared by 451,000 in December, far outpacing the 111,000 jobs added according to the Household Survey, and is the primary reason why the number of uenmployed Americans dropped by 383,000.

Labor Force Participation Rate

And another chart that will not be mentioned anywhere: the Civilian Employment to Population Ratio: at 59.2%, it is now unchanged for 4 months in a row.

civilian employment rate

1 thought on “RECORD 92.9 Million Americans Not In Labor Force – Labor Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 38 Year Low”

  1. My research shows over 100 million, or over 33% of total population. Also, in your description of the true December job losses totals, there is no reference to support or alternative job losses.

    For every job lost, seven more are put at risk. To have a job, a person must have a car, insurance, clothing, buy food in restaurants, have the car maintained, buy gasoline, use dry cleaning services………seven other occupations support that one job, occupations that are not often counted as many of those industries have part time workers to start with.

    Part time workers are kept at less than 30 hours a week so employers don’t have to pay benefits. The new republican congress plans to raise the number back to 40 hours a week, so they can work a person five days a week without paying any benefits at all……

    So, one needs to multiply that 450,000 by seven. That raises it to 3,150.000….a terrible loss of work, and again not a word is said. They lie every month, then readjust the numbers later.

    Now, I read they are cutting food stamps for those under 50 without children (how kind of them) who are not working three months out of the year……based on Clinton’s workfare rubbish…..Clinton, the first republican with a d after his name, obama is the second…….


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