Worst Start To A Year Ever, Stocks Down 5 Days In A Row

Worst Start To A Year Ever, Stocks Down 5 Days In A Row

Worst Start To A Year Ever, Stocks Down 5 Days In A Row (Zerohedge, Jan 6, 2015):

How many are feeling after the worst 3-day start to a year EVER…

Market internals triggered a 2nd Hindenburg Omen…

Hindenburg Omen

The S&P 500 is down 5 days in a row – the first time since Sept 2013… with the biggest 5-day decline since Jim Bullard saved the world… (finding support at its 100DMA for now)


And broad equity indices bounced intraday off that 100DMA support (in Dow and S&P) – with JPY ramping stocks back to VWAP…


3 thoughts on “Worst Start To A Year Ever, Stocks Down 5 Days In A Row”

  1. It is still completely rigged, it could go down a thousand points, and still not represent the real economy. I just checked it now, and as I thought it would be, it is way up today…………….it is rigged, one can take nothing from it. When it drops a thousand points, I will look. In the meantime, it is just greedy gut opportunities to steal more.

  2. The market is up now awaiting FED statement…….as if the FED led the world economy…………which it doesn’t. The US economy is now autonomous, it is isolated from the rest of the world. Its news stations that cover stories of no importance talk only about US rubbish, nothing about the rest of the world.

    I went to the UK Guardian, and had to carefully click on World to get any stories but US rubbish. The scrubbing of the web has begun in earnest, and the date in Feb……is a joke, they are already censoring the web.

    All the stories I found about Hugo Chavez, the Sucre, the first electronic currency……..are gone. The fact Russia and China picked up an identical system for themselves and have recruited 70% of the world is ignored. They boast that 30% of the world follows the dictates of the US dollar. They are absolutely pathetic.

    The day the market really falls will come without warning, and the greedy guts will be gone. The US has become a depressed mockery of what it once was…..and it is obvious to anyone with a mind.


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