Hard Proof Ottawa Hoax Nathan Cirillo’s Death was Staged


Hard Proof Ottawa Hoax Nathan Cirillo’s Death was Staged (NODISINFO, Oct 29, 2014):

Regarding the claim for an actual shooting by a fanatical Muslim convert at the Canadian War Memorial how could it get more phony than this? Look at these pompous buffoons. What a load of buffoonery it is. What a bunch of pomp and malicious arrogance: purely deceitful. At the War Memorial near the Ottawa parliament building no one died, and no one was injured.

The man is a powerful individual, extremely fit. How did that scrawny Zionist mole, Michael Hall aka Michael Bideau, sneak up on him and do so much damage. Cirillo had a gun. Didn’t he know how to use it? There were two sentries there regardless. They could do nothing to stop arch-Zionist mole Hall’s attack against them?

The miserable, wretched Algerian Jew, even with a history of drug addiction, achieved the impossible, overpowering a man of the stature of Cirillo. Moreover, he did so while Cirillo was in the presence of yet another Memorial guard. Does anyone really believe it?

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  1. Thanks. I was worried that the Zionists wouldn’t be blamed. Again if everyone hates them, why stage it? What was the benefit? Did anyone speak to Cirillo’s family before deciding it was staged? Oh, he does not exist under that name. Got it.


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