10 Warning Signs Of A Market Crash In 2015

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Ten warning signs of a market crash in 2015 (Telegraph, Jan 2, 2015)

Stock markets opened lower on the first day of trading of 2015, and the credit markets that forewarned the 2007 crash are showing signs of strain

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  1. Good article, worth reading. The professional players have left the US markets, that is one good indicator, but the collapse in commodities tell it all. People are not buying, they are not spending, they are afraid.

    I was shocked at how much prices have fallen for consumer items. Some of this can be attributed to online shopping, but it is more than that. People look for the lowest price possible, and if they cannot find one, they wait. The day of instant gratification is vanishing as less people spend their days in shopping malls, and more online. The one thing about online shopping is that the item isn’t in front of you, and the desire for it isn’t as powerful.

    All the other stores that relied on that mentality, such as cinnamon roll stands and coffee bars…….they are hurting, too, from the loss of the constant shopper, such as I used to be. The drop in the quality of stores in malls should tell the story. Target stores replacing lovely department stores……….the quality of shopping has dropped dreadfully, the clothes at Target are not ones I would be caught dead in…..

    America, the one I grew up in, is dying before my eyes. When I was a young girl, I chose to go to a private school because I didn’t like the rough people attending public ones. I would not survive the public schools of today where police patrol the halls, and metal detectors are at every door, where all students are treated as potential criminals. What a dreadful country we have become where our congress passes laws allowing people to carry guns into bars and churches alike.

    In the days of the Wild West, men were NOT allowed to carry guns in town, let alone bars where alcohol can only aggravate the tempers and danger of hand guns. Now, they can carry them, so this is one of the reasons police now monitor school halls. The civilization is breaking down, and our leaders do all they can to make it worse because they serve the NRA.

    I have always believed it okay for man to have his guns, I have always supported gun rights. But, with the mad passage of insane laws such as I have described, I really think enough is enough. We need decent people in power, and as long as democrats or republicans rule, it will only get worse.

    I see no hope for this nation, and when the market does finally crash, and the reality of the world economy sets in and the dollar collapses, perhaps there will be a new day in America……but I doubt it. People are inherently fools.

    Right now, about 30% of the world economies use the dollar, nearly 70% have dumped the dollar, and the number is going to grow. The day the US loses the EU, it will collapse, because it is the only economic structure that still uses the dollar. The rest of the world, including OPEC, have kicked the dollar aside with contempt.


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