Greece covered in snow, but the free press in Europe don’t report this

Greece covered in snow, but the free press in Europe don’t report this (Ice Age Now, Jan 2, 2015):

However it is front page news in China: “Greece welcomes New Year blanketed in snow”.

ATHENS, Jan. 1 (Xinhua) — Greece welcomed the New Year gripped by extreme weather conditions of heavy snowfall, rain, strong wind and sub-zero temperatures which have caused major disruptions in traffic nationwide.

The thermometer has dropped to minus 16 Celsius degrees in the region of Macedonia and Thrace in northern Greece and minus 1 Celsius in the southern part of the country.

Snowflakes covered much of northern and central mainland Greece and the mountainous zone of the Peloponnese peninsula in the south as well. Even the northern suburbs of the capital got dressed in white.

Many parts of national and provincial roads remain closed due to ice and snow by the police. Due to the intense snowfall in many parts of the country, the use of snow chains is necessary for the vehicles.

Roads Closed in Greece Due to Heaviest Snowfall in Recent Years
30 Dec 2014  –  Icy weather and heavy snowfall has hit a large part of Greece, resulting in many roads closing in northern and central Greece, as well as near the capital.

Near Athens, a part of Pendeli Highway has been closed off by order of the police, while snow was falling in the north suburbs. In northern Greece, police are shutting down rural highways and roads which connect towns such as Kastoria and Ioannina, some of Greece’s major winter tourism destinations.

The heaviest snowfall that has occurred in recent years has also resulted in many ski resorts being closed since there is no way to access them. The ski resorts of Pella and Northern Peloponnese have been blocked due to the heavy snowfall.

Motorists have been advised to avoid any type of travel in northern Greece.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these links

Reader’s comment: After the “green trainings”, the MSM in Europe do not report or downplay news that is not consistent with the global warming aka climate change doctrine. For information about what is really going on in our own continent, we have to read the Russian and the Chinese news.

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