Curious Snow in Tunisia and Algeria

Curious Snow in Tunisia and Algeria (Ice Age Now, Jan 2, 2015):

A stone’s throw from the Sahara Desert!

Tunisia: More than 1 meter (3 ft) of snowfall in mountains

1 Jan 2015 – Bad weather and heavy snowfall in the state of Siliana caused interruption in the roads and isolated most mountain areas, including especially where snow thickness exceeds one meter Thursday morning.

The continuous snow and cold has caused large disturbances in traffic on main roads, hurt farming, and forced authorities to identity and confront disasters.انقطاع-الطرقات-وعزلة-أغلب-المناطق-فى-س/

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Another article about snow in Tunisia and Algeria:

Then there is this article about ten paragraphs in :

“Although the Sahara has long been the world’s largest desert, a faint wob­ble in Earth’s orbit and other factors occurring some 12,000 years ago caused Africa’s seasonal mon­soons to shift slightly north, bring­ing new rains to the Sa­hara. From Egypt in the east to Mau­ri­ta­nia in the west, lakes with lush mar­gins dot­ted the form­erly parched land­scape, draw­ing an­i­mals, fish and even­tu­ally peo­ple.

Sep­a­rat­ing these two popula­t­ions was an ar­id in­ter­val per­haps as long as a mil­len­ni­um that be­gan about 8,000 years ago, when the lake disap­peared and the site was aban­doned.

Hmmm. That’s about when the Gothenburg magnetic reversal took place.

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