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  1. This entire subject ought to be called The Key To Total Chaos.

    Using drones to deliver packages opens the doors to theft (already a significant problem) and offers the potential to wipe out the delivery business, one of the few remaining jobs for high school graduates with good driving records. As a college education gets more expensive, out of the reach of millions more each year…………..what will happen to these people?

    My late partner used to ask rhetorically what happened to all the elevator men? When we were young, elevators had men who operated them. They sat on stools that were built into the elevator, and used a lever to control the start and stopping of them. Even when the need for them disappeared thanks to technology, many of the nicer hotels continued to employ them, they made us feel more secure. But, where did such people go to find work when their jobs vanished?

    According to US News and World Reports, over 769,000 delivery jobs were counted in 2012. Average wage is about $30K a year, which isn’t great, but better than no job at all. In 2012, before the drone drive took off, the industry was estimated to expand 3.8% by 2022.

    Using drones to make deliveries adds many incredible problems including air traffic control, and many other problems not yet thought of by the enthusiastic pro drone buyers and builders. And for what? To enrich a few at the cost of millions.

    For every stable job, there are seven others to support it. Drivers buy gas from gas stations, eat in restaurants (employing cooks and waiters) on each drive, get their clothes laundered, purchase shoes and clothes, provide the local mechanic work with vehicle maintenance, buy insurance……….if this service is removed by the use of drones, the job losses will be far more than 769K…….it will be closer to another 5.4 million job losses on top of what we already suffer.

    Who does this benefit? A few greedy guts.

    What happens when all the simple jobs are gone? Who will buy the stuff sold at Amazon, Ebay, WalMart, Dollar Store and the like? An economy when nobody can afford to buy anything cannot survive. To advance this as a good idea in an economy with a failing currency, hundreds of thousands of new job losses each week, a stock market being held up by weak statistics and outright lies…………to promote this is sheer madness. We have idiots in charge………idiots1

    Here is the article. Read it and weep.



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