UKIP’s Nigel Farage voted ‘Briton of the Year’


Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP)

– UKIP’s Nigel Farage voted ‘Briton of the Year’ (RT, Dec 28, 2014):

The Times named Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party ‘Briton of the Year,’ calling him a game-changing politician who broke into and shaped the country’s politics in 2014. The decision prompted a storm of controversy in the media and on Twitter.

Farage has managed to lure many disillusioned voters away from the political establishment and has exploited every opportunity he can – which may mean his party will hold the balance of power in Westminster in the coming election.

This did not go unnoticed with the influential newspaper The Times, which announced its decision to honor Farage “for good and ill.”

3 thoughts on “UKIP’s Nigel Farage voted ‘Briton of the Year’”

  1. He gave us all so much to hope for…..then I discovered he is a “friend of israel’.

    Bought & paid for presumably, just like the rest.

    Funny, the tories tried to get him in a corner & demanded a meeting….he obviously worried them.

    Wasn’t necessary after all….the zionist yids had already slithered into his knickers!

  2. Today Stanley: I was reading an article on today where they said the UK would lose about 7 billion due to houses washing into the ocean. It went on to describe other countries having the same problems, and they were saying government had to do something about it. It occurred to me that a childish dependence on government has been bred around the western world, not just in the US……..the idea the government can be like a parent is shocking to me.

    Here in the US, every year a few houses and apartment dwellings fall into the ocean due to erosion, it is on the people foolish enough to live that close to the ocean, nobody else. Every year, we lose homes to great Neptune because 75% of the world chooses to live by the oceans. But, to look to government to protect the people from their own choices is to cry for Caesar……..really scary. My grandparents (and me, but I am a throw back) would be horrified at such a mentality.

    This way of thinking gives the moneychangers the power to get into their knickers…..

  3. Exaggeration is just the same here. A really big issue when the expected North Sea Surge envelops some hapless cliff edge home. But it is rare. Blown out of all proportion by the hyper MSM.
    We are learning to slowly dismiss them.


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