Vaccine Vortex: Devouring innocent children, naive parents, gullible physicians


Vaccine Vortex: Devouring innocent children, naive parents, gullible physicians (Washington’s Blog, Dec 26, 2014):

As many in alternative media document, so-called “health” oligarchs act against public interest in obvious ways when the facts are examined. For example, every economic cost-benefit analysis concludes Americans would save from $100 billion to $300 billion annually if we had universal single-payer health care for all rather than “health” “care” oligarchs consuming ~one-third of all payments.

To continue with this familiar example to anyone who examines bills for medical “care,” stories that point to tragic-comic cost increases and cancellations strengthen the case for criminal investigation of financial gains from government insiders at the expense of the public they’re sworn to serve.

A related problem is the cartel of pharmaceutical companies colluding with our government “leaders” for padded industry profits. Dr. Marcia Angell, former Editor in Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and currently a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Medical School documents:

The combined profits for the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion) were more than the profits for all the other 490 businesses put together ($33.7 billion).

Dr. Angell concludes that US government will never provide universal health care because both political parties’ “leadership” obeys health insurance companies’ lobbyists rather than legislate for the public good. These details of “health care” comprise just one of ~100 crucially important areas where the 99% are being mocked, harmed and looted.

I’ve reviewed two of Ken Anton’s books, republished with permission two articles, and provided a 15-minute interview on vaccine dangers:

  • Cancer Vortex provides similar powerful history of the medical oligarchs who block medically and legally proven cancer cures in order to protect industry profits in the annual billions (here, here, here, here).

Ken’s latest article; also on his resource page (with videos):

During the last 30 years, the number of vaccines given to babies has quadrupled from 10 to over 40 on average and 70 by school age. This rise is coincident with a dramatic increase in the number of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Shockingly, it isn’t an increase in epidemic diseases causing this disaster but an increase in vaccinations, in effect – a pandemic of vaccines.

Vaccines were first developed to prevent epidemics like smallpox. The basic theory was to inject a small sample of an attenuated virus into the body to stimulate antibodies in an attempt to jumpstart an immune response. However, it has often been found that injection of live viruses, even attenuated ones can cause the disease the vaccine was intended to prevent (as admitted by Dr Jonas Salk with the polio vaccine). After years of mandating the cowpox vaccine in England and Japan, the death rates skyrocketed  and the vaccines were eventually stopped.

In 1976, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sponsored a national vaccination campaign for the previously unheard of Swine Flu; in fact, there had not been a single case in the country except amongst pigs. Some months after President Ford endorsed the campaign on CBS TV, thousands started feeling the toxic effects of the vaccine and claims of paralysis resulted in lawsuits and damages against the drug companies totaling $1.3 billion.

An even greater tragedy was the inadvertent inclusion of the SV40 cancer virus in the polio vaccines given to over 90 million Americans in the 1950’s and ‘60’s. Even after the virus was discovered, the government kept it secret and the national vaccination campaign continued its course. Over recent decades, tumors bearing the SV40 signature have been discovered in the lungs, brains and lymph systems of thousands of cancer patients.

The US healthcare industry is run by a Medical Cartel encompassing Federal regulators (such as the FDA, NIH, CDC) and giant Pharmaceutical companies posting sales in excess of half a trillion dollars. Vaccines comprise a major portion of this cash flow as does Cancer Therapy. Both are vital to the gross profitability regardless of how many people are actually cured or immunized.

The book cover of “Cancer Vortex” shows the symbol of a swirling  vortex, a death trap sucking innocent cancer patients into its core. It’s a symbol of the cancer bureaucracy with its limited treatment options and deadly side effects: slash, burn and poison (surgery, radiation and chemo). Excising tumors does not cure the disease. It must be fought at the cellular level by boosting the immune system (as explained all through the book). Oncologists claim survival at 5 years is equivalent to a cure, yet only a small percent with malignant tumors, make it that far.

Once drawn into this ‘vortex’, the patient feels compelled to go along with the system not even aware of the many Natural Cancer Therapies which have a proven track record, yet have been suppressed by the AMA, FDA and the court system

There are many parallels between the Vaccine Vortex and “Cancer Vortex”:

  • Cancer patients are subjected to the Medical Cartel and its rigid protocols, starting with a doctor consultation
  • Parents under pressure from their Pediatricians and legal mandates are drawn into the ‘vortex’ when a rigid, intensive vaccine schedule is prescribed for their babies
  • There is no discussion of Adverse Drug Reactions or why babies under 24 months should be mass vaccinated with up to 40 vaccines
  • Vaccines tend to weaken the immune system while trying to bypass its normal defenses
  • Combo vaccines like the MMR and DTP place an even heavier burden on the baby’s nascent immune system and can affect brain development (See video: How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development – Dr. Russell Blaylock.)
  • Booster shots are required since immunity is limited to a few years, thus multiplying the total number of vaccines
  • As proven by the previous generation, the actual childhood diseases of measles, mumps, chicken pox, pertussis and the flu were seldom threatening and in most cases provided lifetime immunity
  • Vaccine adjuvants, preservatives and embedded micro-organisms can be extremely toxic, especially affecting brain development

In the book “Cancer Vortex”, cancer patients are advised to avoid the ‘vortex trap’ and start making critical healthcare decisions on their own. They are urged to research and learn about the many proven natural cures available today from basic supplements and herb-based formulas to life-changing intensive nutrition and detox programs.

Facing a rigid vaccine protocol, parents have an even more critical obligation to study the options and protect their babies especially with the radical increase in vaccines over the past 30 years and with more vaccines coming down the pipeline. The only logical reason for the rise in Autism and associated neurological disorders during these 30 years is the shocking increase in vaccinations, most of which are unnecessary. (For scientific research on this, see Dr Russell Blaylock’s video: How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development – Dr. Russell Blaylock).

Given that the current rate of autism is about 1 in 150 children and on the increase, it is imperative that parents educate themselves on the dangers of superfluous vaccinations and put a stop to this horrific tragedy.

Starting with the flu shot given to pregnant mothers, then an Hepatitis B vaccine given to the newborn baby and followed by a cluster of around 40 vaccinations up to the age of 24 months, the current immunization procedure creates an overload on the baby’s nascent immune system, especially its underdeveloped brain. Symptoms of   impaired brain development may appear at any time, even years later.

The risks of adverse side effects vary according to the vaccine, so one must evaluate each vaccine on its own merits and decide if the risk is worth the benefit. Several vaccines are typically given every 2 months after birth and require even more scrutiny as the adverse reactions can cascade. Seek out a pediatrician who is willing to help select which vaccines are safe and actually necessary. See the resources listed below.

Realize that doctors may seem to have good intentions but they are still part of the Medical Cartel which prioritizes profit over health. They are bound to follow the strict protocols and agenda of the Cartel or they could lose their medical license. Be skeptical, do your own research and be prepared to make your own health decisions.

The cozy relationship between the Food and Drug Administration (the primary government regulator), the Centers for Disease Control (main vaccine promoter) and Big Pharma is well known, as is the revolving door between the industry and the top ranks of the regulators.

Billions are spent lobbying and much of that targets Congress every year. As proof, look at the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 preventing anyone from suing the vaccine manufacturers. Instead, a Vaccine Court under HHS Department auspices was set up to authorize any compensation should they determine it is due.

Suggested resources for concerned parents:

  • The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a great resource which focuses on Vaccines and Diseases with a database on vaccines and their risks. The site also lists State mandatory vaccine laws (with waiver info) and mentions Doctors who follow their oath to “first, do no harm” and respect the informed consent ethic


This article opposes mandatory vaccinations without consent. Everyone should have the right to choose to be vaccinated when it comes to their own or their children’s health. Nonetheless, some vaccines may be necessary in emergency situations such as to prevent anaphylactic shock, DVT and other types of blood clots, poisonous snake bites, rabid dog bites, insulin for diabetes etc. Without doubt, some vaccines have been proven to save lives in life-threatening situations. But it is the overuse of non-emergency vaccinations especially for babies with an undeveloped immune system that demands close scrutiny and the consent of informed parents.

“Cancer Vortex” promotes natural cures versus profit-based traditional cancer therapy. It highlights the immune system’s role in defeating cancer at the cellular level. The chapter on Vaccinations warns of the serious risks they present especially to babies and young children and how that will affect future generations.

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  1. Great graphic and it fits well with the article. As the famous vaccine developer, Dr Maurice Hilleman admitted, “Vaccines are the bargain basement technology of the 20th century”


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