Fukushima rocked by strongest quakes to hit country this month; Nuke plant footage shows shaking for over a minute — Top Japan Newspaper: ‘Major quake disasters could strike anywhere in nation’… Great increases in probability; Measures urgently needed (VIDEO)


Fukushima rocked by strongest quakes to hit country this month; Nuke plant footage shows shaking for over a minute — Top Japan Newspaper: ‘Major quake disasters could strike anywhere in nation’… Great increases in probability; Measures urgently needed (VIDEO) (ENENews, Dec 27, 2014):

Yomiuri Shimbun, Dec. 24, 2014 (emphasis added): Major earthquake disasters could strike anywhere in the nation — What is the probability of a major earthquake striking each part of the nation? The government’s Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion has unveiled its 2014 version of a geographical forecast for massive quakes… A glance at the map shows us that no region in this nation is free from the risk of seismic disaster… The data in question shows that no further delay may be permitted in taking necessary measures… Despite the urgent need for measures to cope with the situation, some municipal governments have not done enough… In producing the latest version, the headquarters expanded the scope of the areas with estimated epicenters while also extending the scales for predicted quakes. This resulted in great increases in the perceived probability of a major earthquake striking some areas, including Saitama [north of Tokyo]. The figure for the city marked a 21-point increase to 51 percent.

Prensa Latina, Dec 25, 2014: 5.5 Magnitude Quake Rocks Japan — A 5.5 magnitude quake rocked northeastern Japan yesterday night… The medium-intensity quake [was centered off] Futaba district, Fukushima, with epicenter at a depth of 30 km.

Epoch Times (China), Dec 25, 2014: Earthquake Today in Japan: Strong Quake Off Coast of Fukushima on Christmas… The US Geological Survey said the quake… was measured at 5.5-magnitude… The quake had a depth of 6.2 miles, said the USGS.

The Herald, Dec 21, 2014: Earthquake hits near Fukushima — A 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan’s Honshu island… shaking Fukushima where crippled nuclear power plants are located… A spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power said no irregularities have been found at its Fukushima Daiichi or Daini plants.

See videos of the shaking at Fukushima Daiichi: M5.9 quake (Dec 20) | M5.5 quake (Dec 25)

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  1. My entire comment vanished. In short, what I said is that every wonderful invention created by man were turned into avenues of destruction. From the Aeroplane, a rich man’s toy until 1914 when three weeks after WWI broke out, it was converted into a method of dropping bombs on the enemy, to the splitting of the atom……a venture by a genius that ought to have been kept secret…….which became a source of power to destroy, and provide cheap energy. 85 years after it was split, we face our own extinction.

    This is worsened by the effects of another great invention, television. TV could have been a great tool to teach and provide knowledge of good things to all. Instead, it was built up for profit and propaganda, and the Sunday News that aren’t shows provide everything but truth. Even worse are the fools who sit in front of it, watch and believe all the lies. As long as the US (and possibly other nations) are locked into the 24/7 cable news, no truth is told them.

    To me, the greatest nightmarish aspect of all of this is the complete blackout of any real news, and as the days and years tick by, nothing is done to remedy or find any way to augment its destruction. Instead, they are told radiation is good for them. Four years ago on March 11th, this accident happened. Since then, Japan has been dying, and nothing is said except on sites like this that endeavor to publish the truth.

    When the giant deep sea creatures showed up in our bay, one third of their normal weight struggling to find food and oxygen, people are told to “enjoy the unusual sights”, and the fools who watch go back to sleep instead of asking the obvious questions…….death is at our shores, yet nobody says a word.

    Our once beautiful sea shores that people would travel thousands of miles to visit and admire are gone. Barnacles now litter our sandy shores instead of sea shells, star fish, sea weed and all the other wonders of the sea. Barnacles, disgusting creatures, can live in many environment…….rather like the cockroach. Beautiful star fish cannot, nor can shrimp or other great products of the sea.

    As a youth, we often used to go to Fisherman’s wharf for fresh fish on Fridays. The Exposition Fish Grotto was owned by a friend of my grandparents, and we often ate there. On the way to eat, I remember walking by the barrels of fresh crab and other fish to be eaten there, or to be taken home. My mother would never allow fish to be cooked in our house, so we always ate it in restaurants…….she could not abide the smell, no matter how fresh…….

    I remember living crab in huge glass fish tanks where one could choose the one he wanted to eat…..there was so much life. Today, Fisherman’s Wharf has grown into a mass sea of art galleries, shops and other places to buy things…….some quite lovely, but the pulsating energy of life I remember has changed. It is now a seaside of profit…………

    When they found the court house of Pompeii, on the floor in the forum are inscribed the Latin terms for “Profit.” That is what Pompeii was about…….an area for the rich to get richer, and the lower classes lived for the opportunity to get rich. Sounds a lot like the America of my youth…….but back then, making money was fairly easy to do, private enterprise was the power that fueled the great post WW2 economy. Today, all of that is gone, swallowed whole by greedy corporations wanting every penny that can be squeezed out of the buyer.

    Corporations are now so greedy, they no longer franchise. Instead, they open new stores with their central office in charge. The smallest decision has to be made by idiots thousands of miles away, and they are so afraid of making the wrong decision and losing their jobs, they make none……..they won’t hire enough people, so the ones who are employed work many hours for very little. They all live in fear of losing their jobs……..

    One person I know who has a full degree from a highly rated university sent out over 100 resumes a week to finally get a job as an assistant manager in such a store. She started at $12.00 an hour, they gave her a 35cent raise a few months later. She finally reached her first year mark……….they gave her another 60cent raise. She brings thousands of dollars a week into her business, and they give her an insultingly tiny raise. I hope she finds something better very soon.

    At least she worked her way through college and isn’t saddled with huge student loans, she has a couple, but she can manage them. Her working, and paying as she went has paid off. I know so many who come out of college with huge student loans, thank goodness, she isn’t one of them. Can you imagine paying off huge loans earning $13.00 an hour?

    Conversely, they have a thief working there for the same amount of time as the person I just described. Hundreds of dollars a week of inventory he is openly stealing. The HR department, thousands of miles away can not make a decision to fire him, so he stays and steals. The store manager does not even have basic authority to fire a thief. So, at last check, he is still there. It is unbelievable, but that is where greed and power madness leads.

    Corporations have destroyed the middle class, and now, they are destroying each other. Target stores replace former wonderful stores like the Emporium, May Company, or even a Gottschalks……the entire standard of living and spending is dropping like a rock.

    What is so interesting to me about all of this is that it all seems to fit together. The fall and decline of America seems to fit with the dead ocean, the destroyed atmosphere, the loss of livability for all human life. The lack of effort on any side to fix or augment the problem……instead, just the endless pretending that passes as news.

    Hunger now affects 1 out of 4 Americans at some time each month. Homelessness grows as more foreclosed houses set empty. There was a time in America when those two problems would have been put together to resolve both sides………….but, no longer. Greedy guts sit on the empty houses using them as write offs, or the US government takes them off their hands at a profit………for them, not the government.

    The future is death.


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