7 thoughts on “How To Fight Terrorism (In One Cartoon)”

  1. Stanley, you seem to think Jews are the root of all evil…….and I know that evil is part of all species of mankind………..just look at history. I do know that when one group is targeted, we get 1940 all over again. It isn’t that simple.
    Do you think the likes of George W. Bush or Dick Cheney any less evil? How about the bastard in there now?

    It isn’t one group destroying the world………………look at what the Japanese are doing to all of us. Perhaps that is more upsetting to me being in direct position to the radioactive poisons they are spewing. We cannot eat fish any more, or beef, chicken……..our crops and water have been poisoned.

    The real evil I find is based in corporations, and they are run by all walks of people.
    Just some thoughts…….

  2. No, it is far more complex than that, but to try and simplify it, in the last 200 years we in the west have been run by a group of people who have manipulated Nations and Corporations to feed their greed for power by creating money from nothing.
    As a historian, you will have more knowledge than I about the consequences following the Battle of Waterloo, but suffice to say, England lost, and not to France! 100 years later that group formed your Federal Reserve, a totally unaccountable Private Bank masquerading as a National Bank.
    In later years, all wars continued to be financed by this same group, and that group (AIPAC) insisted on the creation of israel in return for dropping objections via lobbyists to America entering WWll.
    Recently, that same group ‘encouraged’ the dismantling of the socio-capitalist mixed economy established in all Western Nations, to sell all National Assets to ‘private’ ownership (read ‘Corporate), resulting in international ownership and badge engineering of everything we know. The very same Global Corporations you find evil, have been created through financial manipulation by this very same group. The connections are permanent. The group is of course, the Banksters, zionist jews to a man.
    They own everything, including us. Perpetual war is their goal, because they fund it, and have been doing so since Christians were banned from usury before Richard lll Crusades, so jews charged him 70% interest rates (English Society in the Middle Ages-Pelican) although in those days, the average rate was a mere 43%.
    Personally, my own experience with jews is not particularly pleasant, but without going into detail, they are NOT your friend, nor will they ever be, although they say they want to integrate, they can’t, it is forbidden. We are goyim, non jews, gentiles, schmucks. Their total respect for us is less than zero. There are some really lovely jews, but they are the exception in my experience.
    The most ridiculous part of all this is that the Bankster Zionist Jews were never real jews, but adoptive jews after their King decided his entire country adopt judaism. They conned everybody.

  3. Marilyn,
    If you delve into either the Management Structure OR the Major Shareholder list of almost every Corporation you wish to name…guess what you find with monotonous regularity?
    Similarly, most ‘Professional Accountants & Lawyers’.


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