1 thought on “S&P 500 Surges To Record High As Black & Yellow Gold Battered”

  1. Standard and Poor means nothing…..it is totally rigged.
    Over 90% of US transactions are High Frequency skim and sell. A few individual, controlling large funds (at least on paper) buy and sell enormous amounts of stock in less time than one can blink an eye. That isn’t investing, that is skimming and stealing. Many are told how the market will go before the bell, so they know before the market opens how to play to win. They have been caught, but……….in the US, crooks walk free and it has become an oasis for thieves. Criminals run the country, which is why no money is coming in…………everyone knows better, except the fools still in the system, and they are working carefully to get out with a profit.

    The margin playing, the shorting, all the cheap casino type transactions all make it easier for crooks, and more confusing for decent people.

    They take the skim and sell transactions, calculate them in as high volume, and twist the sales into growth…………..regardless it is the opposite.
    The remaining 10%, theoretically made up of true investors; today it includes such things as CEOs buying back their company stock using borrowed money. Very few real buyers, or investors are doing anything but sitting on the sidelines. They don’t have a clue, neither does anyone with an ounce of sense.

    We are in trouble, far worse than any chart can describe……and I like charts.
    The US stock market is losing hundreds of millions of dollars each week.


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