1 thought on “The Day Einstein Feared Has Finally Arrived”

  1. If he foresaw this, why did he expose the splitting of the atom to the real world?
    One need only look at Fukushima……it is rendering all of us obsolete, even the fools reading their phones.

    I had a smart phone for a while, I had carried a cell phone since 1995, as soon as flip phones came into the market. Before then, you had to have a phone in your car, or carry a box…………no thanks. Back then, it was a wonderful gadget to have, you could talk on the phone while driving, and it was a good thing to have. I had some idiots try to terrorize me in my car one day. I made them move over, they were doing 45 in a 70mph zone and were in the fast lane. They moved over, then decided to tailgate and scare me. The minute I picked up my phone, pulled up the antenna, and flipped it open, they were gone.

    So, I am all for phones, but not the idiot ones where people read while walking……they replace books, and personal interaction. I realized I was carrying an electronic leash, so dumped it for a standard cell phone.


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