‘Hanukkah Miracle’ Down Under: The Dirty Zionist Hands Behind The Sydney Siege


“Hanukkah Miracle” Down Under: The Dirty Zionist Hands Behind The Sydney Siege (Mouqawamah Music, Dec 20, 2014):

“Worse than one of Jewish Hollywood’s B movies,” I muttered to myself as the events in Sydney unfolded earlier this week, “all that’s missing is a damn Jewish or ‘Israeli’ hero and/or victim story eclipsing the horror of every Gentile in the crowd and we’d be set!” I animatedly but nevertheless quite seriously concluded as I turned off my computer for a moment to take a break from the horrifically monotonous hasbara. Little did I know that my miniature, infuriated cathartic rant would actually turn out to be rather prognosticative.

Whenever constructed and media-fueled events such as what took place in the state capital of New South Wales on December 15th occur, the first question that needs to be asked obligatorily is “who benefits?” In this instance, as the case was with the murderous attacks on September 11th, 2001 (1), July 7th 2005 (2), and November 26th, 2008 (3), to name just a notable few, the prime beneficiary is the felonious, sanguinary, usurping Zionist entity occupying Palestine and its perfidiously anti-Islamic “Global War On Terror (GWOT)”. And while detailed information continues to trickle in regarding what took place on that fateful day, the proofs already available are more than sufficient enough to not only put a dent in the official story of the Zionist mainstream press, but beat the living daylights out of it and expose it as the handiwork of Zionism’s dirty hands.

Incubating Intelligence Asset: Man Haroon Monis, Iranian Extradition Requests and Organized Jewish Interests’ Subconscious Cultural Imperialism

Without even the slightest bit of hyperbole intended, Man Haroon Monis, an Iranian expatriate and the “lone gunman” criminal behind the hostage crisis in Australia’s most populous city, was, for all intents and purposes, a nutcase. Indeed, describing him as mentally disturbed would be entirely accurate. Moreover, he was a huckster who had been engaged in scamming and other illicit activity for years. Even his name is rooted in fallacy as Man Haroon Monis is merely an alias. Known also as Mohammad Hassan Manteghi and “Ayatollah Borujerdi”, Monis has an extensive criminal history that includes a plethora of sexual assault charges as well as a charge for being an accessory to the murder of his ex-wife in Australia, not to mention the fact he is wanted for “heavy financial fraud” back in Iran, which is the real reason he fled the Islamic Republic, not the propagandistic drivel he had been feeding to Australian media about his wife and children being held hostage due to his “liberal views (4)”.

The self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” Monis, called “damaged” and “unstable”, as well as “isolated” and “unhinged” by several Australian Islamic organizations and even his former attorney, was well-known to Australian police (5). He became further acquainted with the authorities – which had launched a quasi-crackdown on ISIS supporters back in September (6) – when he declared his allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on November 18th, 2014 in a public statement (7), which raises a blatantly obvious question: Considering how intimately aware the Australian authorities were of his violently felonious misbehavior and publicly proclaimed Takfirism, what was he doing running around free at all, let alone with guns?

In addition to this egregious anomaly, another question arises: What was he doing on Australian soil to begin with? Monis’s bogus “political asylum” story aside, Iran had been requesting his extradition for 14 years (8) and had provided the Australian security services with proof of Monis’s criminality to no avail due to the lack of an Iranian-Australian extradition treaty. Iranian Police Chief Brigadier General Esmayeel Ahmadi Moqaddam noted that, “It seems that there are some hands at work behind the scenes; the incident seems to be playing out exactly like a drama, of course we don’t blame Australia for it but anyway the Zionists and Westerners want to project the blame on others for their negligence in fighting terrorism and they want to involve the Islamic Republic of Iran in it, but Iran’s positions are clear in this regard (9).” Negligence is definitely an appropriate word to use, as Australia’s Shi’a Muslim community had also had asked the security services to investigate Monis in 2008 for masquerading as an Ayatollah (10), but the request fell on deaf ears. As the Iranian Police Chief pointed out however, there were undoubtedly other hands in the mix, and this went beyond mere negligence right into the realm of outright subterfuge.

It is quite telling that Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, a rabid neocon who has played no small role in spreading Islamophobia across Australia (11), refused to call the Sydney hostage crisis a “terrorist attack”, instead choosing to label it an act of “political motivation” and a “very disturbing incident (12)”. Abbott, who doesn’t exactly have an issue with attacking Islam and in fact has a history of it (13), also refused to blame Islam for the actions of Man Haroon Monis (14). This strongly suggests that while there was undoubtedly Australian complicity in what is now being dubbed the “Sydney Siege”, the central force behind the cartoonish, Hollywood-style event that took place at Lindt Café – replete with robust, “intellectual” Jewish-dominated mass media discussions on the “Jihadi” flag placed in the Lindt Café window either belonging to ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra or some other terrorist outfit (15) – was an outside actor, and that outside actor is none other than the illegitimate “Israeli” regime.

As revealed by Australian-Jewish journalist and activist Antony Loewenstein in a discussion with a former senior Australian ambassador, the criminal Talmudic enclave putrefying Palestine not only works hand-in-glove with ASIO and ASIS, but its notorious international killing machine known as the Mossad actually grooms potential intelligence agents at colleges like Monash in Melbourne and military academies like Duntroon. Australia has literally outsourced its intelligence agencies and foreign affairs sovereignty to “Israel” and the Zionist-occupied American regime (16). This devastating information is compounded further by former Mossad katsa Victor Ostrovsky, who revealed that many segments of the Australian intelligence services report directly to Mossad first, that the artificial “Israeli” regime has assets in ASIO and ASIS that “pass everything on” and that the intelligence directorate of the genocidal Jewish gangster “state” is actively recruiting sayanim in the Australian Jewish community (17).

The destructive Zionist entity’s Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon gave even more credence to these truths and the strong possibility that “Israel” was running Man Haroon Monis in its own ad hoc intelligence operation when he arrogantly contradicted Prime Minister Abbott’s description of the event, saying that it was “most likely the work of an Islamist terrorist organization.” The Jewish ethnic cleansing regime mouthpiece Haaretz, which quoted Yaalon, also documented that Jewish schools and institutions across Australia were locked down amid the Sydney siege (18), indicating Zionist foreknowledge of the event, as how could so many organizations close so swiftly with such fluid happenings at hand unless Jewish authorities were warned by their “Israeli” brethren prior to the occurrence?

This foreknowledge, as well as Mossad’s penetration and de facto control of ASIO and ASIS, could also explain why Monis wasn’t on any Australian security watchlist despite him being among the New South Wales cops’ persons of interest, something wondered aloud by Tony Abbott (14). It is of the utmost likelihood that Monis was in no such file because Mossad deleted him from it, either directly due to its access to the databases of the Australian security services, or by proxy via one of its mid-level contacts in ASIO and ASIS as described by the aforementioned Victor Ostrovsky.

Perhaps the most glaring signal of Organized Jewish Interests being the handler of Man Haroon Monis is the press coverage of the Sydney Siege itself. Combing the Zionist media, one sees Monis’s Iranian origins and his pro-ISIS, Takfiri proclamations being incessantly repeated and in the case of more neoconservative outlets, conflated. The ethnocentric “Israeli” entity’s hatred for the Islamic Republic of Iran is well-known, and in any way, shape or form that the former can damage the latter, the opportunity will be exploited in a showing of what can be deemed subconscious cultural imperialism.

The words “Iran” and ISIS” will be regurgitated with such frequency in the Jewish-controlled mass media that the average Western observer, already mentally and politically damaged and stupefied by decades of psychological abuse from “Israeli”-and-Zionist-produced hasbara, will think that the Iranian nation and the Takfiri terrorists of ISIS are one in the same, despite the fact that this (still-repeated) Zionist-Imperialist lie has been efficiently debunked (19), as has its sister deception which says that Iran’s Resistance Axis brother Dr. Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, created ISIS (20). These facts are irrelevant however to World Zionism’s subconscious cultural imperialism, as the aim is to plant the seeds of doubt and confusion deep in the minds of innocent onlookers and would-be analysts and ultimately bring forth the ruination of their ability to see truth and reflect on geopolitical events outside of the proverbial – and Judeocentric – box.

Like infamous ex-strip club boss and Takfiri terrorist Abu Hamza (21), the many Zionist-NATO-backed ISIS fighters suffering from mental instability (22), or the 1,200 some odd death row inmates joining Wahhabi-Takfiri gangs in Syria after being released from their cells by Saudi Arabia (23), Man Haroon Monis is the latest in a long line of assets with criminal or compromising pasts being utilized by the intelligence services of World Zionism for its geopolitical goals, which, in relation to this specific happening, are to prop up the international “anti-ISIS” coalition through orchestrated media sensationalism and strengthen its stranglehold over Australian politics and security, as well as to “compensate for their inabilities by conspiring against Iran”, as defiantly noted by the previously quoted Iranian Police Chief Brigadier General Esmayeel Ahmadi Moqaddam (24). In short, Monis was just a pawn in the game; he shouldn’t have been a coward in ducking and subsequently fleeing the Iranian police all those years ago. He would’ve been in jail, but much better off. Alternatively, he chose the path of a shabbos goy, which, as he assuredly uncovered in his final moments, is still a goy in the eyes of the Jewish Power Configuration and is thus completely and utterly expendable.

Frank Lowy Resurfaces: Anti-Terror Laws and The “Israeli” Takeover of Sydney’s Water Supply

Just like the Mossad-orchestrated terrorist attacks of 9/11, 7/7 and 26/11, which all saw extensive anti-terror legislation – i.e. Zionist-assisted police state fortification – getting passed in their aftermaths, most important and disturbing of them all being the Patriot Act penned by arch-Zionist and son of Mossadnik royalty Michael Chertoff (25), the Sydney Siege has triggered the Australian regime to seek sweeping powers and force through like-similar anti-terror bills (26). This call for harsher anti-terror laws is being led by arguably the most influential think tank in Australia, the Lowy Institute for International Policy.

The Lowy Institute has been ubiquitous throughout the Sydney Siege, with two critical examples being its top military fellow James Brown linking the attack to ISIS as the crisis was taking place despite his admission that “one shouldn’t jump to conclusions (27)”, as well as its international security program director Rory Medcalf calling outright for a strong anti-terror regime (28). And if you’re thinking, “Lowy? As in Frank Lowy of 9/11 infamy?” Then you thought right. The Lowy Institute for International Policy is indeed the brainchild of Slovak-Australian-“Israeli” billionaire Frank Lowy, an ex-Haganah and ex-Golani Brigades terrorist and one of the prime architects of the murderous Jewish global game-changer routinely referred to as the September 11th attacks (25). Considering Lowy’s propensity for being so very intimately and domineeringly involved with Zionist false flag terrorism, his think tank’s involvement in propagandizing and politically profiteering off the Sydney Siege should come as no surprise whatsoever.

An equally disturbing development is that just one week prior to Man Haroon Monis’s clownishness which manifested at the behest of the Jewish supremacist entity, an “Israeli” water company called TaKaDu, founded and led by Amir Peleg and Einat Zviran, stalwarts of the illegitimate “Tel Aviv” regime’s intelligence community who have connections to IOF, Aman, Hebrew University, the Technion Institute and criminal weapons manufacturer Elbit Vision Systems, essentially took over Sydney’s water supply under the guise of “piloting” and “assessing” the city’s Integrated Water Network Management. Fellow Iraqi freedom fighter and truth-seeker Louis Adams broke the story (29). It would definitely appear that the Zionists’ warmongering quest for “H2O hegemony”, which began in occupied Palestine, Egypt, Sudan and Libya as the Yeor Plan (30), and then penetrated Lebanon, Syria and Iraq as Operation Yeor-Yinon-Oranim 2.0 (22), has now extended into the infrastructure of the Western world.

The analysis for this unfortunate piece of news is multifaceted, especially considering that amidst the media hysteria ignited by the Sydney Siege, there was a frightening report of Zionist asset Man Haroon Monis being in possession of four bombs, two inside in the Lindt Café and two elsewhere in Sydney’s financial district (31), a claim that disappeared from the media and is ominously reminiscent of the two “Israeli” agents of Mossad front company Urban Moving Systems who were caught on 9/11 driving down the George Washington Bridge in a van full of explosives, an event which, coincidentally enough, also vanished from press reports (25). It’s as if both of these horrifying affairs fell down Orwell’s memory hole.

Either the Man Haroon Monis event – along with the bizarre quadruple bomb threat – was an “Israeli” message to dissident voices in the Australian political establishment not to interfere with the usurping Zionist entity’s occupation of Sydney’s Integrated Water Network Management and possible future “Israeli” acquisitions Down Under, or TaKaDu’s transactions in Sydney were merely a front for Mossad operatives to enter Australia undetected in order to finalize the manufactured hostage crisis. Or more malevolent still, an amalgamation of both scenarios. What isn’t up for debate is that the Sydney Siege cannot be logically separated from the TaKaDu takeover of Australia’s most populous city’s water supply. And due to the cancerous “Israeli” tumor’s despicable crimes against humanity in each of the Arab-Islamic nations it waged “H2O hegemony” wars on, Australians better brace themselves, because anti-terror laws forced upon them by the Zionists are the least of their worries.

Miraculous Jewish Escapes and 9/11 Deja Vu

A recurring theme within the breakdown of the Sydney Siege is the baleful similarities it shares with Mossad’s false flag on September 11th, 2001. Only moments before Man Haroon Monis entered the Lindt Café and the hostage crisis kicked off, popular “Israeli” father and son singing duo Benny and Gad Elbaz “escaped” in what Benny described as a “Hanukkah Miracle (32)”. It’s important to note that Gad isn’t just your run-of-the-mill entertainer. He’s a Zionist activist with a strong Jewish religious identity (33) who sung Kabbalistic prayers for IOF while it inflicted genocide on the Palestinian people of besieged Gaza (34). “Hanukkah Miracle” is the exact same phrase used by Haaretz Editor-In-Chief Aluf Benn when he reflected upon how much benefit 9/11 brought the illegitimate “Israeli” regime and how fast the nightmare of that fateful September day in 2011 accelerated World Zionism’s pathological expansionist agenda against Iran, Syria and Iraq (35).

In addition to the “Hanukkah Miracle” correlation, Benny and Gad Elbaz share another 9/11 connection with numerous fellow Jews. On September 11th morning, in a tiny, makeshift synagogue not far from the World Trade Center, a group of 9 Orthodox Jews gathering for prayer waited for the 10th man to arrive so their minyan could be complete and they move on with their prayer. When the 10th man finally arrived and they began praying, the mysterious 10th man, who apparently wanted to recite a prayer for his father, “seemed deliberately unhurried, protracted and prolonged.” When the prayer session ended, the 9 Orthodox Jews, who all worked in the Twin Towers, realized they had been saved (36). But this isn’t the end of the Jewish September 11th miracles; no, not at all. A Hasidic Jew from the Skvere community, an extremist Jewish sect with abyssal political connections that played a prominent role in the Zionist annihilation of Iraq (37), wrote an entire book in Yiddish titled “Himl Signaln”, or “heavenly signals” in English, about Jews miraculously escaping the September 11th attacks (38).

During the 7/7 terrorist attack in London in 2005, mass murderer and war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu (real Ashkenazi name: Benjamin Mileikowsky), was told by the “Israeli” foreign intelligence directorate – which had advanced warning of what was taking place as it was, unequivocally, a Zionist operation – to stay inside his hotel (2). Manifestations of Judaic miracles abound it would seem.

“Seem” of course is the key word. Were Benny and Gad Elbaz really just innocent bystanders who got out of harm’s way by the skin of their teeth, or were they sayanim inspecting the operation site before the green light was given to move forward? Was the mysterious 10th man at the near-WTC synagogue really the guardian angel of the minyan of Orthodox Jews, or was he a Mossad agent looking out for fellow members of his clannish guild of Zionist criminals? Were the Jews discussed in the Skvere Hasidic Jew’s “Heavenly Signals” book spared from a fiery death by “divine intervention”, or were they forewarned by Mossad-linked “Israeli” messaging service Odigo like thousands of “Israelis” were that September morning (25)? And was Benjamin Netanyahu (real Ashkenazi name: Benjamin Mileikowsky) told not to leave his accommodations in London on 7/7 because Mossad is just so gifted at acquiring intelligence, or because it had an operation planned for that day and didn’t want the leading Jewish supremacist fanatic to get embroiled in a sticky, bloody situation?

In each instance, the latter rhetorical question is the one rooted in evidentiary reality. The only “Hanukkah Miracle” that occurred on December 15th, 2014 in Sydney was International Jewry pulling off another false flag without so much as a peep from the joke that is the “international community”.

A New Theory: Zionists Stage Event To Deepen Their Infiltration of Australia and Save Their Flailing and Failing “Anti-ISIS” Coalition

With all of the proofs and analyses presented above, which represent an evisceration of the predominant mainstream narrative regarding the Sydney Siege and all of the fallaciousness surrounding it, we would like to present a much more plausible – not to mention cerebral – new theory, or rather, counter-theory:

With the Iraqi Popular Mobilization led by IRGC Quds Force Commander Qassem Suleimani scoring a stunning and massive victory over the Empire-backed ISIS scourge in the strategic town of Jaref al-Sakher (39), and the Syrian Arab Army thwarting the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gang’s attempt to overrun the Deir Ezzor Military Airport and inflicting heavy casualties on the Takfiri terror outfit (40), the Zionist-designed international “anti-ISIS” coalition laid totally humiliated, its ineptitude, two-faced intentions, deception and hubris exposed to the world. Unable to admit defeat and end the charade of its repackaged assault on Islam through the latest GWOT incarnation, as well as being handicapped by its inherent Judaic arrogance, Organized Jewry decided to make ISIS’s hasbara – ordered by the Takfiris’ Mossad handlers to begin with – regarding “lone wolf” attacks on imperialist nations involved in the coalition (41) come to fruition.

Since the usurping Zionist entity already had impending business in the Australian city of Sydney where shadowy plans were in the works for Aman-IOF-linked “Israeli” firm TaKaDu to take control of the water supply of Sydneysiders, Sydney was chosen for the location of a high-level, low-risk, Mossad-designed media bonanza that would reinvigorate the perceivability of the ISIS threat on a global scale and deepen Jewish dominance over Australia’s political, social and security sectors. As an added bonus, and due to their control over various layers of ASIO and ASIS, the Zionists activated an Iranian asset operating under the Australian state’s radar for the operation as a means of dragging the Islamic Republic of Iran’s name through the mud and taking the spotlight off of the successes of the Iranian nation’s Iraqi and Syrian allies. The asset, Man Haroon Monis, was aided by IOF, Aman and Mossad agents who had infiltrated Australian soil via their cover as TaKaDu businessmen, as well as sayanim Benny and Gad Elbaz, who were under no suspicion whatsoever from the independent, non-Judaized branches of the Australian security services due to their popularity as entertainers.

Once the operation was completed, the asset was neutralized and a sufficient scare was put into the Australian public after hostages were killed and the threat of a potential quadruple bomb attack was circulated by the Zionist-dominated mass media for the sole sake of fearmongering, Organized Jewish Interests, led by 9/11 false flag architect Frank Lowy’s premier think tank, would lobby relentlessly for anti-terror laws which would not only increase the power of the “Israeli”-assisted police state, but also increase sympathies for the illegitimate Jewish gangster regime and ease the entry of “Israelis” seeking to further the Jewish-Zionist colonization of Australia. Deemed “Operation Hanukkah Miracle II” in the upper echelons of World Zionism, the Sydney Siege would essentially serve as a reset for the international “anti-ISIS” coalition, as well as a spoiler at a time of better, thawed Iranian-Western relations in the wake of ongoing diplomatic talks on the Iranian nuclear file. Zionist mission accomplished…

…Until now that is, with Mouqawamah Music’s deconstruction of the chain of events from front to back.

Conclusion: Australia Has Two Choices, Decolonize Like Whitlam or Be Zionized Further

With Australia’s foreign policy, its politicians, the actual language these politicians use (42), its security services and now even its water supply in its most important commercial city all under Jewish hegemony, Australians are now standing at the precipice, uncomfortably looking over at the prospects of their future. Only two choices lie before them: Decolonize, and forge a broad alliance comprised of the White-Euro descendants of settlers who must abandon their white supremacist delusions and colonial privilege, the Arab-Muslim population and most critically, the Aborigines, who live under a system of poverty, oppression and genocidal apartheid where they are unconscionably viewed as “native wildlife” and their very history is denied by the colonialist regime in Canberra (43), or be Zionized further and watch their country eventually be transformed into even more of a Judaic-Capitalist puppet state than it is now, where Takfiri terrorist attacks – far more vicious than the operation carried out by Man Haroon Monis, which was more psychological than material – emerge as an everyday normality and a new apartheid is introduced, Halakhic-Talmudic apartheid, with Jews ruling the roost under “hafrada”, the separation between Jew and goy, and Gentiles of all backgrounds becoming as despicably oppressed as the Aborigines themselves.

While there is hope, as Australia has a burgeoning antiwar, anti-Zionist, pro-Syria movement led by Syrian-Australians (44), it isn’t enough, on any level. It’s not large enough, not angry enough, not intellectually and spiritually sound enough, nor radical enough to combat the Halakhic-Talmudic apartheid already underway, as evidenced by anti-Jewish-supremacist activist and political prisoner Brendon O’Connell being rearrested by Australian police at the end of October and still being harassed by the cops to this very moment (45), not to mention Islamophobic incidents continuing to go unpunished like the violent threats against West Australian kebab shop owner Mustafa Atieh and his young daughter Miriam, without a single Australian Muslim organization to speak of coming to their aid (46). Outrageous and cowardly don’t even begin to describe it.

There was a time, from 1972-1975, when Australia had stepped away from its hideous, murderous colonialist past along with its identity as the junior partner in Judeo-Anglo-American imperialism. During these years, with Prime Minister Edward Gough Whitlam at the helm, royal patronage was dismissed, the Australian government was going in the direction of the Nonaligned Movement, “zones of peace” were backed, nuclear weapons testing was opposed and, in defiance of the colonialist establishment, the history of the ungodly genocide inflicted upon the Aborigines was spoken of truthfully for the first time and upheld. Whitlam also opposed Zionist-occupied Washington’s war on Vietnam. For all of these “crimes”, these “crimes” of free thought, nonalignment, anti-imperialism, solidarity with the Aboriginal people of the Australian frontiers and defending his nation’s sovereignty, Whitlam was overthrown in a criminal coup by the CIA, MI6 and local collaborator Sir John Kerr (47). Factoring in the revelations unleashed by Antony Loewenstein and Victor Ostrovsky about Mossad perforating Australian intelligence, there’s no doubt “Israel” had its hands in the ouster of Whitlam too, chiefly due to his tumultuous, combative relationship with the powerful Australian-Jewish Lobby (48).

If Australians are to return to the Whitlam years and forge a state as democratic and resistant as his or more so, they must first recognize that their enemy is World Zionism, not merely the faceless monoliths of “capitalism” and “imperialism” that “The Left” continues to berate without naming names and having the courage to declare that these levers are just that, levers, which the Jewish Power Configuration pulls whenever it needs to strengthen its octopus-like system of control. The barbarians are inside the gates already.

Will Australians continue living with the divisions that have kept them at one another’s throats for years, thus making them more pliable for the Jewish-Zionist barbarians to keep running ragged? Or will they decolonize and unite in the face of this treacherous enemy? Again, they’re standing on the precipice. Contrary to what Organized Jewish Interests have to say, they don’t have to take the plunge. They can back away from the ledge. They can mobilize. They can say, “We will never have another ‘Hanukkah Miracle’ perpetrated against our nation again.” They can shout, “We’re done being goyim.” They can fight. They can resist. And they can win. The choice, truly, is theirs.

~ The End ~


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