Execution of Two NYPD Cops by Vengeful Gunman is a HOAX

Full article and photos here:

Execution of Two NYPD Cops by Vengeful Gunman is a Hoax (NODISINFO, Dec 20, 2014):

Revelation thanks to our posters, who realized this immediately as an arch-fake.

Is it not incredible, particularly on the heels of the two arch-Zionist Australian hoaxes, the Lindt Cafe fake and the Cairn stabbing hoax? Now, just as these arch-hoaxes are revealed, now comes another filthy arch-Zionist fake, the NYPD ‘revenge’ killing of two policemen. The killer, acclaimed as a black Muslim, did it all, if the Zionists are to be believed, as a means to avenge the ‘deaths’ at the hands of the cops of Michael Brown and Eric (arch-hoaxer) Garner.

This is, by the way, a mere distraction, a means of garnering (no pun intended) public attention away from the revelation of the Sydney arch-fake.

Even so, the ‘shooting’ occurred simultaneously with the occurrence of a heavy-duty anti-terror drill occurring in the city.

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